Days 292 – 298 of Project 365

Days 292 - 298 of Project 365

292. Master Of The Land (We spent the afternoon at Dunraven Castle ruins and gardens at Southerndown, one of my favourite beaches. We climbed up into the remaining tower where we spotted the most amazing view over the rugged coastline, crashing waves and the manicured gardens. I can only imagine what it would have looked like 'back in the day'.)

293. Bubble Blower (A very horribly long day, 8am start and 8pm finish after parents' evening. I arrived back in time for The Boy's bath where we spent ages blowing bubbles.)

294. Crashed Out (Nothing more exciting than a cuddle on the sofa while watching tv. Will this half-term ever end?)

295. Puppet Pal (We managed to fit in some craft after school today, an absolute miracle considering how shattered we both are.)

296. Zonked (Another horrendously long parents' evening with me getting home at 8pm. A quick cuddle and a kiss and The Boy was straight into bed.)

297. Splash (A perfect end to the longest half-term in the entire world; a wade into the oncoming tide to kick the waves. And those wellies were perfectly waterproof; they kept the water in wonderfully.)

298. Birdman (During the Summer months we tend to spend our outdoor time on the beach, but during the Winter it can be a little bit less cold to pop to the nature reserve and feed the swans. And The Boy was more than happy to try out his new colour-changing coat – review to follow in the week.)

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  1. says

    it must be good to be on half term then!!! long old week but at least you are free for a whole one now 🙂
    love the last 2 photos and the castle one looks like a magnificent day out. bubble blowing is always fun x

  2. says

    Your first photo at the castle is simply stunning, you are right to have that stood out from the rest! The picture of the Boy in the sea is amazing too! Look like it has been a good week – did you have half term this week?

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you, they're my favourite too.

      Love your photos of the roast (yummy indeed) and the sunset. Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  3. says

    That first picture is lovely, I adore exploring places like this. Absolutely loving the wading in the waves picture too, stunning! What a lovely part of the world you live in. x

  4. says

    Wow wow wow! In this moment of wonder, I may well be forgetting multiple awesome shots that you've taken before… But your first shot 'Master of the Land' that is absolutely stunning!! …All other shots vanish in that one! Really beautiful!
    …Do you feel like a photo a day is paying off when you see the results? It's seems to me your weekly reviews just get better and better 🙂

  5. says

    Loving the castle shot – great framing. And the sea photo – brave boy – n wouldn't go anywhere near that deep! Guess that's what comes with living near the sea and being used to it.

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