Days 278 – 284 of Project 365

Days 278 - 284 of Project 365

278. Waiting For The Penny To Drop (I am incredibly competitive when it comes to game playing, particularly games like Downfall and Connect 4. It takes every ounce of being a good mummy to let The Boy win, I was red and he was yellow; I was waiting for him to win here.)

279. New Comics (We both had new magazines to read after school today, mine was a Christmas one and his was Peppa Pig.)

280. Leaf It Alone (We broke open the airdry clay after school and set to make an Autumn craft after school. The Boy really enjoyed exploring the feel of the clay and I have a feeling it's going to be something that we will do again plenty of times.)

281. Wannabe Squirrel (We went to a nearby church grounds to try and find some acorns; no luck as the squirrels have had them all. The Boy decided to see if he could climb like the cheeky squirrels taunting us.)

282. Cheeky Grin (I love that face.)

283. Leftover (I spotted an uneaten Easter egg in the cupboard so let The Boy chomp down on half of it, reminded me of him scoffing his first ever Easter egg when he was 20 months old. Yes I made him wait until then; no chocolate before he was 1, which happened three months after his first Easter.)

284. Hanging Around (Today The Boy attended the first birthday party of one of his new school friends. It was a wonderful party and the mother was one of those that everyone aspires to be, but moreover it was great to see him bonding with a lovely bunch of boys who are clearly going to be good friends with him. I definitely made the right decision moving him. Oh, and he wants a tyre swing in the garden.)

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  1. says

    Ooh that huge connect 4 looks lots of fun. Good mummy for letting him win. I always have to remind the hubby of this, he gets really competitive, against even a 3 year old! 🙂

  2. says

    Chocolate in the cupboard since April?! Is that even possible. The best thing about kids as they get older? You don't have to let them win. About time Drama Teen started taking pity on me in my old age

  3. says

    we still have 2 easter eggs left but its the cheap chocolate so i will use it up in some cooking! but dont tell the boys!!!
    he looks very smart dressed for the party, I could not get Burton to wear jeans to the one he attended yesterday! and it is great that he has settled into his new school so well
    love the cheeky grin x

  4. says

    I love those giant garden games, really must get one for next summer. I can't believe you found a leftover Easter egg in October – ours were all gone by May!! Great photos as always.

  5. says

    No way!! I've never seen a huge connect 4 like that!!
    Love it, and downfall …Also, erhm, possibly a bit to competitive! They should totally make a more complicated version of downfall for the slightly older kids among us 🙂
    Hope the boy enjoyed it, even with a competitive dad.

  6. says

    I want a tyre swing too. What a super week. I have great aspirations for autumn crafts which have not been met with ideal timing. And we have some Easter catchup on the cards too. *sniffs around the cupboard…

  7. says

    Love the huge connect 4, and the Boy really does look happy this week – so glad he's settling in to the new school well 🙂

    I think we still have Easter chocolate in the fridge somewhere too…

  8. says

    so glad he is settling at his new school and that your feeling better about the decision, he certainly looks like he is happy … although i have to say i always wanted t tyre swing too!

  9. says

    it will be quite a relief that he has settled well, makes it easier to say it was the right thing to do. It is hard to be a good mummy/grandma and let them win isn't it, I let Bob off with one mistake, any more and I beat him. His tongue is not so obvious in the concentration picture this time.

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