Throwing A Spectacular Halloween Party For Children

Halloween is an exciting time of the year for the young ones. The breeze starts to cool, pumpkins appear on the shelves, and the front porch features life-size Frankenstein inflatable decorations.

Halloween is just the occasion to unlock children’s imaginations, while treating everyone to homemade goodies, and having fun while doing so. All these elements can be incorporated in a Halloween party that is as fun for the children to enjoy as it is for you to plan.

But you need great ideas to keep the goblin guests engaged and make sure the young ones have a great time. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Invitations

Invite the friends of your children as well as their parents. The way you will announce the venue, time and location can make a difference between a ghost town and a full house. Try to pique interest with a clever Halloween invite and then follow up with a crafted trinket or take-home bag. Make sure you start and end on a high note.

For minimal chaos and loads of fun, let the age of the children determine the number of guests you are going to invite. For example, you could invite seven of your child’s closet friends if his/her age is 7. If you’re throwing a party for several children, let them each invite a few friends and their parents, but make sure to have some teenage or adult help; you want to enjoy the party you throw as well.

  • Costumes

Cast a spell on the occasion with DIY costume decorates that will add life to the party. Set aside some weekends to make costumers for the children, and have the children lend a helping hand. You can read some great ideas for Halloween costumes on the web as well as in magazines. There are tons of tutorials on how parents and their children can craft great Halloween customers, with several different outlooks explained in detail.

For example, you can create a dramatic tutu within an hour by reading such tutorials. Tutus can be assembled easily and add a punch to any girl’s costume. If your daughter wants to be a witch on this year’s Halloween, but you don’t feel like making a whole elaborate dress, you can work with a pair of striped leggings, black shirt from her dresser and boots from her closet. There is a ton of advice out there.

  • Games

Plan some ghoulish games for the day. Apple Bobbing is one of the games you could easily plan. Take a large bucket, fill it with water, and place some apples inside it. If there is no bucket available, you can even use a bath tub. If you want a more hygienic take on this classic, use rope and thread apples on them, get two people to hold the ends and let the children eat them without the hands. Jiggle the rope to give children an extra challenge.

Get the groove on with a freeze dance; make sure you have the right tunes to get everyone moving. Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Monster Mash and other similar songs have the potential to make the children and the guests bust their best moves. Demonstrate a zombie shuffle and let the children imitate.

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  1. says

    some good tips here. Not always the more the merrier, sometimes that leads to chaos. Since when has apple bobbing become unhygienic? for goodness sake it has been done for years and is just harmless fun is it not????

  2. says

    Every time we have a halloween party we have to play wrap the mummies using really cheap toilet roll. You get a few minutes to wrap your mummy and the winner is teh one with the best mummy at the end.


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