Loom Bands Twister Kit (Giveaway)

I was determined that loom bands would not enter this house, and I managed to hold off until mid August of this year when we bought a box to create with on a long car journey. For two hours we sat in the back of the car making our first loom band, and there wasn't even the slightest request for the iPad or a DVD to be put on.

Clearly something so creative which helps develop concentration and fine motor skills isn't such an evil thing after all?

Loom Bands (Giveaway)

We've been sent one of the most popular loom band sets around at the moment, the loom twister kit which is currently available in The Works for the bargain price of £7.99. The set includes 2000 assorted loom twister bands, a plastic hook tool (we have a metal one as well, and The Boy finds a plastic one easier), 25 s-clips to join the finished bands, pictorial instructions and a loom board. The selection of colours is quite extensive, different to the set we'd previously bought, and The Boy is very pleased with it because out of the twenty different colours in the set five are different shades of green which is his favourite colour. It's like the set was made for him!

The Works Loom Bands Kit

Now in comparison to some loomers out there, we are complete novices! The Boy has managed to create a couple of fishtail bracelets, but there are some amazing styles being created and I think it's time we extend our repertoire. YouTube is awash with loom band tutorial videos, although there are an awful lot of badly shot videos from tweens with poor lighting and dodgy camerawork. On The Works' loom band homepage, they have a video tutorial section with comprehensive and clear instructions on how to create a variety of loom band styles, along with a gallery of visitors' creations and links to their loom band shop.

We're going to be trying this single triple rainbow loom band bracelet next.

The Works have kindly offered a loom twister kit to three lucky readers of TheBoyandMe, to be in with a chance of winning simply fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a loom band twister kit to try out and a fee for this post. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    I love arts and crafts, especially cross stitch and at the moment I am teaching my two daughters how to cross stitich. They are each making a mug mat using a square of aida fabric!

  2. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs says

    We love scrapbooking – the children sit and make their own whilst I make mine. I give them their own craft boxes so they can pick and choose what they want to use – without rummaging through my stash 🙂

  3. Linda McGarrigle says

    Anything with arts and craftsy thingymybobs, it's amazing the amount of crap we have laying around that can be used as long as it involves gluing or painting their happy x

  4. says

    my 3 year old loves trying to make loombands, as i sit for hours making my kids and step kids bands, at the weekend when OH's kids are over we all sit and make them. i really need a loom board though as i want to try making new things 😀

    when i was younger we had the scoobies (no idea if thats how it was spelt) which was similar and i could make all sorts with them!

  5. lisa williams says

    My son loves to have a battle with his pokemon cards after school, if its nice then all the kids have battles outside in the garden

  6. Wendy Tolhurst says

    Cooking and baking – this is what we love doing together in the autumn and winter, whereas in the warmer weather, we love going up to the park so that the children can run off energy and get some fresh air.

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