O is for… (Alphabet Champions)

One of The Boy's favourite games to play is 'Eye-Spy'. And putting aside the internal groans that every parents experiences when this game is mentioned, it is a wonderful activity to help promote literacy skills and children's phonological awareness. Identifying the initial letter or sound of a word (onset) is so important to help children with their spellings, and it's good fun too!

We've been challenged by Innocent Smoothies to find something which depicts a specific letter of the alphabet, using the new set of magnets available on promotional packs.

Alphabet Photo

Our letter was 'O', can you guess what we went for?

Something that is our favourite activity, something that is very difficult to fit into our routine now that the new term has started, but still remains hugely important for his wellbeing and health.

O is for…

O is for Outdoors

… the Outdoors.

Asides from school playtimes, children can often spend less time in the fresh air and getting exercise once school starts up again. Yet it's so important to help their concentration and ability to sit still in class, let alone being fun to feel the grass between toes and laugh while playing games.

A new range of alphabet magnets are available on special promotional packs at the moment, launched to celebrate the new school year. I've been that mum in the past desperately trying to collect all the letters to no avail, ending up with 13 Ks and no Es. It's frustrating! However, this year, Innocent are running an on pack promotion so that everyone can receive their own name in magnets.

Innocent Alphabet Champions

All the details of how to collect the names are on the packs, but it's very easy. Simply collect 6 (or more) barcodes and then just send them over to the guys at Innocent Towers, and they'll send out three names. What's more, on the Innocent website you can also take part in a really fun 'design your own innocent alphabet' competition. Click here to find out more: http://www.innocentdrinks.co.uk/alphabet.

I was sent a promotional pack of Innocent goodies to help with this campaign.

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