The Ideal Clothing For A British Summer

When I was contacted by House of Fraser just over a month ago and asked if I'd like to choose a raincoat and wellies for The Boy to see him through the Summer, I must confess that I chuckled. The sun was streaming through the open French doors, the ice was melting before I could add it to my glass of water, and The Boy was squealing as he ran through the swirling and squirting hose.

"Ha!" thought I, "Raincoats and wellies? Seriously?!"

Little did I realise that within the month we'd be in dire need of them as the British Summer descended.

Children's raincoats

Now to be fair, that's not a photo taken of the torrential rain last week. I took that photo before we went on holiday down to Coombe Mill a few weeks ago. My poor hydrangea is wilting in the background as proof that it wasn't really raining. However, I wanted to take the photographs when I wasn't going to get soaking wet as well, so we turned the hose on The Boy and encased him in the most gorgeous navy raincoat and wellies I've seen for children.

House of Fraser rainwear

Now I'll admit that I might have accidentally ordered the raincoat slightly too large; The Boy is only just five years old but he is 120cm tall, so I felt that ordering the 4-6 years old would be a bit of a risk on sizing, so opted for the 6-8 years old option. Which quite frankly might fit him by the time he is 6 years old. A good indication that the Polarn O. Pyret waterproof rain jacket is accurately sized.

Polarn O Pyret raincoat

However, it's a wonderful rain jacket, made from 30% Polyurethane and 70% Polyester, the fabric is highly breathable and durability tested to withstand outdoor play and adventure; just as well considering how much time we spend outside at all times of year! This time of material can often easily lead to rips along the seams, but these seams are taped for reinforcement. The best bit is that at the moment it's reduced from £25.00 to £20.00.

I chose a pair of Hunter wellies for him as I wanted a pair that will last longer than the usual supermarket options. Granted that at £39.00 they are a lot more than I would normally pay, however they are an amazing quality and The Boy says they are very comfortable. It's also nice to find a pair that go up to his knees as opposed to stopping mid-calf as they normally do with children's wellies. With a contrasting light-blue stripe up the back and bright red soles (making it easier to find him from a distant), they are a very attractive design.

Children's Contrast Hunter Wellies

Oh, and they also help keep out the rain!

House of Fraser have a great selection of wellies and raincoats on offer at the moment, nip over and snag a bargain.

Now the main question is: are you ready for the rest of the Summer holidays?

Have you got your raincoat and wellies at the ready?

We were sent these products for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased.

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  1. says

    Awww- he looks gorgeous in them! Definitely look like they do the job.
    May need to follow the link- just back from a camping trip and we could have done with these yesterday- silly mummy forgetting it might rain in August and only packed shorts and t-shirts!


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