Exploding Bubble Painting

Bubble painting is a really fun activity, children love to see the imprints of the bubbles they've made on paper. However, this version of it involves blowing coloured bubble liquid through bubble wands onto paper.

Seeing the coloured bubbles explode is brilliant fun!

Exploding Bubbles Painting



  • a large sheet or roll of white paper
  • bubble mix split into several small tubs (three is ideal)
  • food colouring or paint
  • bubble wands or blowers
  • sticky tape


  1. Add different shades of food colouring or watered down paint (1:3) water:paint) to each of the different bowls and mix in thoroughly.
  2. Stick the white paper up to a wall or fence in the garden.
  3. Using a different bubble wand for each different bowl and blow bubbles against the paper. The bubbles will explode creating coloured circles on the paper.


Exploding Bubble Painting

This post is part of my round-up of Five Fun Bubble Ideas published on TescoLiving.com


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  1. says

    I remember doing this at school. I used to blow them on the paper carefully so that the bubbles sat on the paper itself. Then place another paper on top and it would make all sorts of pretty patterns!


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