Creative Bubble Wands

After making our own bubble blowers with straws, The Boy wanted to see if he could find anything else to use to blow bubbles.

So we raided the kitchen utensils!

Creative Bubbles Wands 1



  • bubble mix
  • a plastic tray several inches deep (or a large, wide plastic bowl)
  • a variety of kitchen utensils (sieve, potato masher, whisk, slatted spoon, hand grater)


This is a really simple one which needs virtually no instructions: experiment to see which one makes the best bubbles by dipping them into the bubble mixing and blowing!Creative Bubble Wands

This post is part of my round-up of Five Fun Bubble Ideas published on


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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It's really good fun and costs so little. Explore to see which produce the best bubbles, you'll be surprised.


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