Homemade Bubble-Blowers

The Boy absolutely loves bubbles and the more that can be blown at a time, the better. He's a huge fan of bubble blowers which produce several at a time, and so we decided to have a go at creating out own multi-bubble blower using drinking straws.

Bubble blowers



  • plastic drinking straws (ideally different width straws to create different sized bubbles: Ikea sell quite wide ones, and juice carton straws are a good addition to the conventional size)
  • several lengths of sticks tape
  • an inch of bubble mix in a small bowl


  1. Choose a selection of straws, approximately eight is a good amount. Cut them so that they are all the same length.
  2. Use sticky tape to hold them together at the top and the bottom, take care as the straws in the middle will fall out so try taping them in a row along the length of tape and then winding them up.
  3. Dip one end into the bubble mix.
  4. Taking care not to let the bubble mix run down the straw straight into your mouth, blow from the undipped end. Loads of bubbles of different sizes will be blown out at the same time.


Homemade Bubble-Blowers

This post is part of my round-up of Five Fun Bubble Ideas published on TescoLiving.com


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