Rainbow Bubbles (Sensory Play)

Continuing my series of bubble activities that I'm featuring this week, today's simple play activity uses basic craft ingredients and a couple of items from the kitchen.

Rainbow bubbles is a fun sensory activity which really allows the child to lead their learning and exploration of the materials. I set this out for The Boy (5 years) and his cousin (8 years) and both of them spent nearly an hour making 'potions' and comparing concoctions.

Bubble Sensory Play



  • a shallow plastic box or deep tray (I used a drawer from Ikea)
  • bubble mix
  • a whisk (balloon or rotary is best)
  • several different shades of glitter
  • watered down paint (1:3 water:paint)
  • pipettes or medicine syringes


  1. Pour the bubble mix into the tray to a depth of two inches. It will need to be this deep to be whisked effectively.
  2. Use the balloon or rotary whisk to froth up the bubble mix, this does take a good few minutes to gather about an inch or so of bubbles, but it's best to get as much as possible to be most effective with the paint and glitter.
  3. Add the glitter and watered down paint to the froth and then stir it in to make a rainbow effect. (It's great for colour mixing, and if sequins or heavier craft items were used then you could investigate which 'floats' in the bubbles and which 'sinks' into the liquid due to density.)

Rainbow Bubbles (Sensory Play)

This post is part of my round-up of Five Fun Bubble Ideas published on TescoLiving.com


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