Days 208 – 214 of Project 365

Days 208 - 214 of Project 365

Let me just say here and now, thank God the guinea pigs have gone There's not a hope in hell of The Boy ever having any!

208. Never Going To Happen(We pegged it up to Henley for an in-law family member's birthday party, and it was great to see The Boy playing with his cousins. Words cannot convey how grateful I am to one for showing him how to make a loom band bracelet. )

209. Bookworm(More and more he is to be found with a book reading to himself, enjoying the text and reading with fluency and enjoyment. I'm so proud of him!)

210. Hole In One! (We nipped to the beach with one of The Boy's old school friends and it didn't take the pair long to find two tunnels in the wall!)

211. Because He's Happy…(Sometimes he just is, no reason.)

212. Early Harvest (I'm sure we shouldn't be finding blackberries already? I've recently realised that the mass of brambles at the bottom of the garden will yield blackberries, and so we started collecting as many as we could reach. And no he still doesn't like them, and neither do I! Brambly jelly it is then.)

213. Sleep At Last(I almost forgot to take a photo today! It was a manic day trying to wash and dry clothes, being defeated by the weather, packing, ripping up carpets for them to be replaced next week, and trying to entertain a young child. I parceled him off to my parents' house while I tried to get some stuff done, then ran around madly later trying to get everything done.)

214. Easy-Rider (We've arrived at Coombe Mill for our annual Summer holiday here, finally a chance to chill out and be in our 'happy place'. Last year we hit upon the idea of having our shopping delivered instead of needing to go to the supermarket, and I arranged this again this year. We borrowed one of the cleaners' carts to take the shopping to our lodge, and we absolutely and categorically did NOT misuse it on the way back!)

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I'm not sure which is more an impressive feat of engineering; the loom bands or the marble run!

      Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  1. says

    love your new header btw
    some really lovely photos of him here. Burton is the same with books and i often find him reading to Jenson! plus he always wants to read the bedtime story now!
    love the look of pure happiness on his face in the raincoat review pic and cheekiness in the trolley dash!
    enjoy your stay see you in a few days x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Sometimes it's the little things which are the most important, and I never want to forget his beautiful laugh!

  2. says

    It looks like you've had a fantastic week, I love the look of concentration on the boys face while his cousin is showing him how to make a loom bracelet, and how happy and cheeky he looks in the Coombe mill laundry trolley. Have a fantastic week in Cornwall

  3. says

    Giggling about guinea pigs, love the tunnel one. It's lovely to see them read, Poppy's a real bookworm too. We've learnt how to do loom bands this week. Enjoy your holiday x

  4. says

    We are firmly engrossed into the Loom Band craze in this house – my advice is to embrace it 🙂 I love the bookworm picture – I am still waiting for my daughter to develop a love of reading and to choose to pick a book up and read it all on her own. Have a lovely holiday at Coombe Mill 🙂

  5. says

    We went though guinea pigs, fish, mice, a bird. You kind of have to but now there's the dog. That will do me. I love the concentration in the loom band pic. I'm rather glad we don't have to do that one just the same. Lookinf foward to the Coombe Mill pics

  6. says

    Loving the sleeping shot, so peaceful.
    Very jealous that you're at Coombe Mill, would love to holiday there!
    Loving the 'happy' shot too, such a lovely smile. x

  7. says

    Brilliant – holiday time! Loom bands are not quite happening here (yet – why did I say that?). Hurrah to having such a productive day that there's a sleepy picture and the trolley mischief face is outstanding!

  8. says

    i really dislike loom bands and we don't even own any yet my house seems to be filled with them and Sebby likes to eat them.
    I love the boys smiley face :0)

  9. says

    What lovely pictures.

    You look like you've been having a great time 🙂

    I'm not a fan of guinea pigs either, had one when i was young and didn't work out like i expected hehe.

  10. says

    love love love the smile one, it is so nice to see them happy for no reason other than being happy
    Hope your enjoying the holiday, and getting the shopping delivered seems like brilliant forward thinking.

  11. says

    We've been picking blackberries this week too. Love them mixed with apple in a crumble!
    Isn't it great when they really enjoy reading and understand the story.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      We felt such rebels! I really love that I don't have to remind him to read, that he chooses to do so of his own accord.

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