How To Make A Teacher's Thank You Card (Using Tagxedo)

As a teacher, I have always preferred a handmade card from a child as it feels more personal and I like the effort that goes into it. As a parent to a school-aged child, I was determined that we'd be making his teachers cards for Christmas and at the end of the year, and following a recent gem-sharing session in a staff meeting, I decided that we'd create his end of year card using my latest find.


How to make a teacher's thank you card

Tagxedo is a great website which allows users to input a bank of words and create a tag/word cloud in a specific shape. In the classroom we use tag clouds for topic work and brainstorming all the words that we can think of connected to the topic; they are very attractive and engaging for children (and adults alike!).

The software has predetermined themes in it which automatically choose a selection of colours to fit the provided shapes. However The Boy and I decided to create a more personalised word cloud in the shape of a rosy red apple for his teacher, made up of all the words he could think of associated with her or to describe her.

How To Make a Teacher's Thank You Card (using Tagxedo)

Making this card is easy with just a few simple steps, the most important thing to do is install 'Silverlight' on to the computer first, a link is available on the Tagxedo website. The other important thing is to have found and saved a suitable image from an appropriate website, this will be used as opposed to a present shape.

  • Click on the black arrow next to 'shape' and click 'add image'. Browse to find and select your image.

Using tagxedo to make a 'Thank You Teacher' card 1

  • Once the chosen image is shown, adjust the threshold sliding bar accordingly. Click 'accept'.

Using tagxedo to make a 'Thank You Teacher' card 2

  • Click on 'word/layout options' and go into the 'layout' tab. Press the 'yes' alongside 'use source colour'. This will allow a multi-coloured apple to be shown (i.e. a green leaf and red apple.)

Using tagxedo to make a 'Thank You Teacher' card 3

  • Next click on 'load' and click within the second box to enter the chosen words; single words work best, and use a new line for each new word.

Using tagxedo to make a 'Thank You Teacher' card 4

  • The font is chosen automatically, but by pressing the respin button next to the word a random font is chosen. Press the arrow next to the word to choose a specific font.

Using tagxedo to make a 'Thank You Teacher' card 6

  • By clicking on the 'orientation' respin arrow, it's possible to change the direction of the words in a random mixture.
  • Click 'save/share' to download the image and choose an appropriate size of image.

Using tagxedo to make a 'Thank You Teacher' card 7

  • We then cut the apple out and mounted it onto a light green, before cutting it out again and double-mounting it onto white, cutting out a last time and gluing it down onto red card.
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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I think it would be perfect for that, especially if you can find the right shape to house the words.

  1. says

    Ilove this! I haven't commented onFB as I'm friends with my boy's teacher and don't want her to see it! Will definitely give this a go – thanks for the guidance, no doubt I will need it ;)

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Once you know how it's easy, but I did struggle at first and found another tutorial which was wrong on one step. I think it's a really effective card which can be adapted for so many different occasions. Thanks for commenting :-)

  2. Jessica says

    I can't figure out how to make the apple and stem/leave two seperate colors. I can get red and green, but it's all mixed up. Thanks!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      The image I downloaded from the Internet had green leaves and red apples. When you go into 'Word/layout options' there is a 'use source colour', make sure that says 'yes' and it will use the original colour of the image you've imported. Hope that works!

  3. Candice says

    This is so cute! I'm trying to do it now :) However…I saved a pic of an apple, tried to add image, but it won't show up & I don't see where to adjust the threshold either. Help! What am I doing wrong?

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