Days 187 – 193 of Project 365

Days 187 - 193 of Project 365


187. Confident Climber (Relieved after a good night's sleep in a comfortable and clean bed rather than the diabolical state of the caravan we'd been reviewing the previous night, we all slept until 10 o'clock. We nipped over to Newport to see a friend and then popped into the nearby National Trust Tredegar House for a quick look around. They have wonderful climbing trees in the grounds, and The Boy showed off how confident he's becoming with climbing.)

188. Elmer Maths (After school fun with a dice, a patchwork elephant and some new felt pens!)

189. Tengo Una Muneca (I gave The Boy the little music box that I'd bought in Barcelona ten years ago, and he is completely mesmorised by it.)

190. Missed! (I LOVE this photo because he looks so happy in the kick he's just performed, despite the fact that he's completely missed the ball)

191. Proud (The Boy's end of year class assembly today and he was wonderful; so confident and engaged, such a far cry from the little boy who stood on the stage for the harvest assembly and fought back tears by biting his lip.)

192. Daredevil (After school play date with a classmate and his younger brother, and it was lovely to see the three of them playing together in the garden.)

193. Wheee! (Grandma and Grandpa visited today and we headed into Cardiff Bay for the food and drink festival, where they managed a go on the helter-skelter before the rain came.)

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  1. says

    Great shots of the Boy. I love the kick one – very reminiscent of the kick in Karate Kid.

    And the helter skelter one is brilliant. So much fun in his face

  2. says

    I do not like the sound of that caravan at all! Always lovely to come back to your own bed isn't it? Loving some cheekiness from The Boy this week, especially at his end of year assembly. So wonderful to watch them growing up and gaining confidence isn't it?

  3. says

    awww some really gorgeous photos of your happy boy this week, my favourite is the first one in the tree and i love the look of exhilaration on his face in the goal one x

  4. says

    The Boy just has the best facial expressions! Awesome smile and a great concentration face too. Brilliant! The tree and the goal photos are definitely the favourites 🙂

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He's like me, wears his heart on his sleeve, or rather on his face. It's landed me in trouble a few times with bosses and the like when I look less than enthusiastic!

  5. says

    I love his range of expressions, but especially the football photo. I was looking at it thinking it looked like he'd missed and then I read your words and he had! Bless him – you would never guess from his face!

  6. says

    There's some fabulous action shots in your collection this week, and I love the one of The Boy in a tree. Such a wonderful smile, as others have already said 🙂

    We had our end of year production this week too, and I was dead proud of my girl. Well done to The Boy for looking so much more relaxed.

  7. says

    I LOVE the missed shot! Made me smile. The Wee One has been practising his football skills too and all I can say is that there is nothing harder to do than not laugh as he kicks the air and falls onto the ball he was trying to kick!
    Glad to be back 🙂

  8. says

    a year makes a huge difference, not only in his tree climbing but in his confidence in general, its nice to see all the patient parenting paying off. Thats a huge big kick, I can miss a ball as well!!
    Nice to see him having fun with his grandparents, they are an important part of a childs life and one my children missed out on as my ex-in laws were not interested in their only grandchildren

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