Days 180 – 186 of Project 365

Days 180 - 186 of Project 365

180. Cheesy Chips (We popped to the car boot sale to see if we could find anything interesting, but failed. On the way home we stopped at a local beach for cheesy chips.)

181. Al Fresco (We are loving eating our dinner out on the patio at the moment, long may it continue!)

182. Planning (Deciding upon what natural craft activity to have a go at next. He flicked through, read every title and if it took his fancy, then he read the instructions too!)

183. Mix It Up (The Boy was desperate to make strawberry ice-cream so we started from scratch, liquidising and pulping, squeezing lemons and oranges, leaving it soak for two hours, whisking cream, mixing it in the ice-cream maker, freezing it… he didn't like the taste of it!)

184. Accidental On-Purpose (You laugh at something they do once, then every time they're in the same situation they do it again: ice-cream on the nose!)

185. Not Bothered (We came away for a review weekend break of Park Resorts caravans; the van was awful, so dirty. However, by 9.45 The Boy didn't care and just wanted to sleep. The linen was clean even if the floor wasn't, and he zonked out!)

186. Illusion (A much-longed-for trip to Folly Farm and a discovery that they now have penguins! So is The Boy stroking him or am I just good at pressing the shutter at the right time?)

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  1. says

    Shame about the caravan. Looking at the other pics you tweeted it felt like it wasn't nice to take your shoes off. Love the penguin pic, looks like the penguin is really enjoying being stroked.

  2. says

    surprised you get to eat chips on the beach, here the seagulls will attack you. look at the length of his legs, he seems to be growing very fast.
    Oh dear at the ice-cream, hope you like it.
    How fab with the reading the book, brilliant for one so young, its great when they can pick up a book and read it.
    Love the penguin one, great colours and depth

  3. says

    that final photo is lovely and it does look like he is touching the pengiuin. i love his face in the top one and the ice cream on his nose photo.
    oh dear to the weekend away 🙁

  4. says

    H has a few craft books and he's been doing that recently. One of the books has baking stuff in two. Think we are going to be kept busy. Love the penguin shot.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I can't stop taking photos of my hydrangea either, such beautiful plants.

      Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  5. says

    Gorgeous penguin shot and he looks very happy with cheesy chips! What a shame about the caravan. Looking forward to reading your review on that one!!

  6. says

    Top photo is glorious, those rocks have such a great texture and cheesy chips sound amazing! We LOVE Folly Farm and loved the penguins too. Really clever photo, it does look like he is in there with them.

  7. says

    The number of times I have modified recipes especially for my gluten intolerant boy only to find he's the only person not interested in trying it. Still I reckon that face is a reward in itself

  8. says

    I've been following your story about Park Resorts.. such a shame they disappointed you.
    Love the bottom photo – it does look like he's stroking the penguin.

  9. says

    What lovely photos this week 🙂 I love the first one, looks like he enjoyed his cheesy chips 🙂 Oh the Penguins at Folly Farm are fab, do you know the Lions arrive next week? they will be on show to the public later in the Summer Holidays 🙂

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