Circus Skills With The Skyline Gang (Review)

There is such an abundance of activities and shows taking place during a stay at Butlin's that no-one could ever claim they couldn't find something to do! Sports clubs, outdoor games, funfair rides, soft-play, swimming, indoor funfair, bowling, a pool hall, shows for all ages and all tastes, the list goes on an on.

However, there are a few activities which take place which are quite easy to miss; the crafting sessions are one, and the other is a circus skills lesson with The Skyline Gang.

Circus Skills with The Skyline Gang 2014

For any children who are avid fans of The Skyline Gang, this is a perfect opportunity to interact with the rainbow troupe when they aren't exhausted from one of their stage shows.

In the hour long session, the seven different members of The Skyline Gang each demonstrate and teach the children a different entry-level circus skill, operating on a rotational basis. For example, Sprout teaches the children how to walk on 'stilts' (those bucket stilts with string to hold onto), Candi introduces juggling with scarves, and Mimi helps the children to spin plates. Those seven or so minutes with each one of their heroes is an amazing experience for the children, and it really shows the calibre of the Butlin's staff to be able to interact in such a friendly and genuine manner on a one-one basis, without the barrier of the stage.

The Boy has done this activity for two years now and he thoroughly enjoys it. Last year he wasn't quite four when he took part, and it was very obvious why it is an activity recommended for children aged five years and over; not only does it require to work independently from parents (which many children can't emotionally cope with at that age), but they need to have a certain level of hand-eye co-ordination and gross motor skills control in order to engage fully.

I can't recommend this activity enough, it's enchanting for the children to spend time with The Skyline Gang and I think it's one of those extra activities which really adds to the magic of Butlin's break. The sessions usually takes place on a Thursday morning, so be sure to visit the Butlin's Butlers when you first check in to book your child's place up straightaway.

Butlin's Ambassador 2014

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  1. Katie Morgan says

    What a wonderful focused activity to do with the children, and I agree that it is a great way for them to meet the Skyline Gang face to face. Will look out for this on our next break there, thanks!

  2. Sonia Constant says

    Wow! This looks brilliant fun. Noah would love this!

    Love your photos too. The boy looks so cute too!

  3. Donna says

    I have never been to Butlins, but have been looking to take the children. I came across your post and found it really helpful. Thanks for the tip of booking early, I will definitely try and get the children into this activity, it looks so much fun. Great photos.

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