The Hotels At Butlin's, Bognor Regis (Review)

Part of the reason why I'm so keen to continue returning to the Butlin's at Bognor Regis is because it is the only one of the three resorts which has hotels. I like the luxury of the hotels, and when I'm on an energetic holiday like this I like to feel a bit pampered, not having to worry about the housekeeping side of things. Add the dining package into the mix, and the holiday couldn't get much easier.

Butlin's stripes

We've stayed in The Ocean Hotel four times now (three times as an ambassador, once unrelated to this) and having written a very comprehensive review of it once, then it seemed a bit silly to repeat the same content. During our recent stay, I hit upon the brainwave of comparing the rooms in all three of the hotels in a video so that potential guests can see the differences between the room styles.

The video shows:

Please excuse my inability to hold a phone camera the correct way and my daft comment about a milkshake (?!).

The main difference between the three hotels is the ages that they are aimed at: The Shoreline is for young children with additional room facilities which reflect the pre-school age-phase it's intended for (smaller beds, safety plug covers, booster steps in the bathroom, etc.), it's also bright and airy; The Wave is aimed at 5-9 year olds with funky bunkbeds in a smaller room with a closing door (the only one of the three that has a door on the children's room), a modern colourway throughout the décor, and the gaming room in the foyer; and The Ocean is intended for 10yrs+ with full size single beds in the twin room and a more sophisticated décor in muted shades.

Another noticeable difference is the layout; in The Wave hotel the bathroom comes first as opposed to the children's bedrooms. It is also the only hotel with a door on the children's bedroom which offers peace and quiet to the children in order to sleep soundly, and a little more privacy to the adults who can watch television or chat in the evening without fear of waking the children. This may be related to the positioning of the children's room as it doesn't have the length of corridor and bathroom separating the two sleeping areas.

Despite the fact that The Boy is only five and therefore not the intended age for the hotel, I still prefer The Ocean Hotel. Placed at the centre of the resort, it overlooks the Skyline Pavilion and the funfair with half the hotel having seaviews and balconies, and is still fairly fresh in decor quality. The Wave is situated to the right of the resort and therefore doesn't have the 'passing traffic' that The Ocean does, and is quieter because it's a short walk away from the main pavilion. However, I like being immersed in the atmosphere and looking out of the room to see people having fun on the funfair, as I can with The Ocean rooms. The Shoreline is the eldest of the three hotels, but still fairly good quality decoratively. I do think that having Billy Bear's Garden (sand and play area) next to the hotel is a big bonus, and it is very close to the activities as well as having a great vista of the English Channel. For me, I think The Shoreline is the one I'd like to explore the next time we stay at Butlin's.

Huge thanks to Darren from OneDad3Girls who filmed The Wave for me, as I wasn't able to video a room when we stayed as it was so full.

Butlin's Ambassador 2014

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  1. says

    the room we stayed in at The Shoreline had a door for the childrens room (although we wedged it open!) but that is probabaly because we had the Nelson state room. I was really impressed with this room and its layout and would happily stay in it again – i think you would like it too. I like the fact that our room/the lounge was closed off from the rest of the apt (even though we kept the doors open for the boys!) and it felt less like a bedroom then if that makes any sense!! x

  2. says

    It's been that long since I even went to Butlin's Bognor, I don't even think they had hotels back then, but I am old ;-).

    I'm sure my two would love the Dolphin room but they are probably more of an age for the Neptune one now. I do love the idea of a door – that's the main problem we have with staying in "Family rooms"; everyone seems to be expected to go to bed at the same time!

  3. says

    I had wondered about the different hotels – really useful review. Do you know if any which cater for 2 adults and 3 children or is it just 2 adults 2 children?

    • says

      Ignore me, I have had a look and see that you can 🙂 Just less choice but the fact that they can accommodate families of 5 in one apartment makes me very happy!

  4. says

    It's nice to be able to compare all the different hotels like this and see the differences between them. We stayed in a Nelson Stateroom in the Shoreline and (apart from a little wear and tear, being the oldest of the hotels) it was lovely, I'd definitely recommend the hotel for little ones. I'd like to try the Wave if we visit in future.

  5. says

    I've only ever been to Butlins on days out (I'm not far from Bognor and we used to go on Saturdays and spend the whole day in the pools!) so it's nice to see the Hotels and what it would be like if we were to visit a Butlins for a bit longer!

  6. says

    I love the children's bedroom at the Wave Hotel! I like that the beds give each child a little more privacy.

    The Ocean Hotel clearly has amazing double glazing – I couldn't believe how noisy it was once you opened the door!

  7. says

    I'd always not seen the point in the Butlins hotels after so many happy stays in the traditional accommodation but, after seeing the reviews of them (and seeing them through different eyes – as a family holiday rather than adults party break!) they look amazing. I really enjoyed the video, I'm such a big Butlins Bognor fan it was great to get a glimpse of the resort, it looks the same, yet so different!

  8. Rebecca says

    Why do they have twin beds in the second hotels main bedroom area? surely a double bed would be required for Mum and Dad? bit puzzled by that! The rooms look lovely and I do like the fact the children have a separate space which I think is so important when on holiday.

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