Win £100 In M&S Vouchers (Giveaway)

Fancy winning £100 in Marks and Spencer's vouchers? Just for being a little bit sensible?

There are some things in life which at the time make you feel grown-up, like buying your first car or being offered a first job. Then there are other every day matters that happen which you don't realise about until afterwards, like taking out life insurance, or making a will. Those are the real situations that suddenly have you stop, take stock of a situation and realise that you've just been all responsible and adult in a decision.

Ever since we bought our first house, we've always been very over-cautious in the insurances that we've taken out; ASU, Life Insurance, PPI (no we weren't mis-sold it, we knew what we were doing). There was no way we wanted to be left floating down the proverbial creek without any form of guidance, and so we investigated them thoroughly and took out the appropriate.

Now we have a son, we need to readjust some of these insurances, and consider others. Since having The Boy my health hasn't been the best and so medical insurance is something that we're considering. There are a range of online insurance tools available, but few have everything in one place; the family insurance tool from Drewberry Insurance is an easy to use facility which can help identify insurances which can be taken out to help protect your family.

The lovely folk behind the Drewberry Insurance Tool would like your opinion on it and are offering the chance to win £100 in Marks and Spencer's vouchers for your opinion. To be in with a chance of winning, please complete the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    Seems easy to understand and use. Insurance is something I tend to brush under the carpet so it has given me a little push to check out some life insurance! Thanks!

  2. says

    It looks easy to use and straightforward for finding what you are after. Insurance is so important but I know we definitely don't have insurances that we probably should have in place.

  3. Hilary Draper says

    The site seems easy to use and I like that everything is available from the one page. Also nice to know that you could pick up the phone and speak to an actual adviser! From what I can see there, Drewberry offers good independent advice.

  4. Michelle says

    I think they've thought this through well. I could easily find information and complete the form. Easy digestible information. I will keep it in mind now for future needs.

  5. Isabel O'Brien says

    It was easy to fill in the form but I didn't really understand the results. I answered no to all the questions but it still said I needed some sort of insurance.

  6. Jeremy Rance says

    Iv had a look and it all seems pretty user friendly and straightforward to me.
    My wife actually takes care of this sort of thing because shes better with keeping on top of it all. Shes a star :-)

  7. Mary Heald says

    I like the 3 main tabs and then everything you need to know under each separate heading. Easy to use and informative.

  8. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs says

    Pretty User Friendly – the website is too fussy with too much information but the forms look easy to follow x

  9. Zoe G says

    Easy to use and navigate and makes you aware of the different options which I sometimes find confusing on other site but this one is simple to understand

  10. Caroline H says

    Really easy to use and the results contain a lot of helpful info in plain English and a reassuring tone.

  11. Frances Heaton says

    The tool is quite simple to use – just enter information and within seconds results are given. It highlights the need to consider insurance if something unforeseen was to happen.

    We go about out daily lives without considering unfortunate evens occurring, and the information given definitely gives us food for thought.

  12. Hayley Wakenshaw says

    I like the way they use visuals to present information, and give the details in short chunks that are easy to digest. This combined with the use of colour (makes it easier to sort the information on the page) and clear lay out and fast, responsive, clear menus make it a website that would actually encourage me to take out extra insurance. So much nicer that the wall-o-text websites!

  13. Clare Kendrick says

    The tool is extremely easy to use and i like the way different sections are split up in the table and explained in the Key Considerations section at the end.

  14. Claire Foulds says

    Really simple and straightforward which is a breath of fresh air when it comes to these normally mundane tasks! Great job!

  15. Tracey Belcher says

    Love the calculator tool – not sure about risk of death calculator! – But the site is easy to use and navigate

  16. Andrew Petrie says

    I like their independence and the growing number of 5 star reviews.In this particular sector independence is a very very important commodity.

  17. Julie Feathers says

    I found it easy to use the layout was easily navigated, very good, some sites I do find hard but no this one

  18. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    Always good to see pages where they stick to the basic points and avoid clutter and complications. Its nice and straightforward.

  19. Rishona Taylor says

    The tool itself is really easy and quick to use, the results took me a while to get my head around- lots of information. I found the Key considerations helpful, haven't seen that before on insurance info websites.

  20. Sophie Bailey says

    Seems very straight forward! Definitely something me and the other half have talked about but not quite got there yet, as always life gets in the way of the important things!

  21. Matt Froggatt says

    Its an interesting idea but it looks a little bit too much like an advert which might put some people off

  22. Dawn F says

    The website is clear and easy to use. I like that it is broken up into sections for each insurance type and that it also explains what can happen if you don't have insurance.

  23. Edward Guerreiro says

    It's very easy to use, and fast. Each of which is great. However, the results you get are a little overwhelming (Too much text).

  24. says

    It's pretty easy to understand. I can understand how families would want to protect their income.
    We used to pay into a policy years and years ago but decided against it in the end as it only covered us if we were off work ill for more than 4 weeks. the likelyhood of that happening is pretty small. It all comes down to how much risk you want to take.

  25. Joanne Baldwin says

    Good layout and easy to follow, very helpful as long as you have all your household figures to hand!

  26. Rachael G says

    Easy to use with clear information that is presented in a straightforward and friendly way. I really like it!

  27. Emma wellman says

    Simple to use and understand. Extremely user friendly. Defo worth telling people about, thank you 🙂

  28. Amy Jane Beckett says

    Took a while to load
    QUite alot of info on first page alot of scrolling
    Really easy to use forms
    SPlash of colour

  29. Dolly B says

    I tend to find even the idea of looking at insurance daunting, so many details, options etc but they've made it less stressful.

  30. Charlotte Ingham says

    I didn't really understand the results, and I didn't understand why I had to answer questions when the next page just seemed to be a load of generic information

  31. lyn Burgess says

    For some reason it was a bit slow to load , but once it had I found it easy to use and understand.

  32. Mia Jade Fergusson says

    I like it , it's unique and easy to use , i didn't like the death calculator for mortgages though but i guess no one likes thinking about death so it's good information to have.

  33. sian hallewell says

    it is easy to use, but cynical though I may be I think that it is 'designed' to encourage you to buy

  34. Lisa Sands says

    I work in Insurance, and therefore understand the importance… I felt there was too much content on the first page… to the average person this would be mind boggling! And at the time I went on the website, there was no-one available on live chat (nor did it give an indication of when anyone would be available). Love the instant quotes, nice big clear writing, easy to understand.

  35. Natasha M says

    it is visually nice & easy to use. its a long scroll through a lot of information on the home page though.

  36. Nicola Lynch says

    I found the product really easy to use. I'm terrible for going through everything over and over again when trying to find an insurance product so I think this would really help me. I really need to get some life insurance but have been putting it off as I find it hard to know where to begin. I am going to follow this tool through to the quotes section soon as I believe it will be really useful. The presentation is very user friendly as well.

  37. Jessica Wilde says

    This is really straightforward to use and really clever – it's good to know what financial security we need to think about more closely, as well as the areas that aren't so relevant for us.

  38. Catherine Harper says

    Clear and simple layout so easy to navigate around. However, I feel that there is too much on the homepage and you have to scroll a long way to get to the bottom. I would break this up a bit therefore and maybe have the calculators on a separate page.

  39. Sandra Clarke says

    I found the site very easy to navigate and links to what I wanted. I even found out that my risk of death in the next 10 years is 1 in 16!

  40. Susan Peart says

    Quite good with insurance but always good to shop around, oooh not sure I like the life expectancy calculator lol. Fabulous prize 🙂

  41. Rhoda K says

    It's clearly arranged and easy to use. Definitely makes the daunting thought of insurance more simple and manageable.

  42. Lauren S says

    Found it easy to access and use. Love the clear and simple format which helps to navigate around the website easier.

  43. kayleigh white says

    It's punctual, easy to read, easy to navigate – even for the clumsiest of users and straight to the point. Couldn't get better if it tried.

  44. Paul says

    Easy to fill in with easy to understand results – insurance can be really tricky to understand, this mskes it easy.

  45. LEAH SULLIVAN says

    Easy to use tool that gives a really good, in depth, overview of the types of recommended cover for your personal circumstances 🙂

  46. Rosalind Blight says

    the website is very easy to navigate around and easy to see where you need to go. Its presented well

  47. Katherine Coldicott says

    Easy too use, also a good reminder of the things you should be thinking of in case you are unable to work.

  48. Hannah Smith says

    I hate sorting out insurance so it's nice to find a simple, easy to use tool to make it a little bit easier!

  49. Helen Allan says

    Clear, bright, easily navigated and informative in a straight-forward, easy to understand way. Perfect!

  50. Claire Jones says

    Easy to use and if benefit to us all! Homepage is a little congested, break it up a little to make it more user friendly/eye catching.

  51. says

    I think it needs to be more interesting. Although the information is great and it is easy to navigate, it is very dull and boring. There's nothing to 'grab' my attention, very little colour. I think it would look better with real photographs rather than cartoon images

  52. Lin Young says

    same things available on other sites – why do they have to take all tose details thou – so annoys me

  53. says

    It is really easy to use and understand – we are currently looking into life insurance so will certainly be using it again in the future x

  54. Carolin says

    I like the clear navigation, very user firendly and the pastell colours make it all not too much "in your face".

  55. natalie holland says

    Normally I find this stuff daunting but this website was a breeze, simply laid out so that I could understand it, brill. I will go back!

  56. Denise S says

    easy to navigate, colours very good , sometimes i struggle to read when the background colours or font is tricky , this worked well.

  57. lynn savage says

    I found it nice and easy to use , the icons are clear and the content is quite easy to understand.

  58. Carly Ann says

    It makes insurance approachable – I just wonder whether there's too much info on the landing page

  59. sam bailey says

    Being a singly mumsy, its down to me to make all the decisions and sort everything so i found moving around this site just what i needed

  60. Vicky Robinson says

    It looks very easy to use and helpful if you are looking for insurance protection / life insurance

  61. Corinne Faulkner says

    I thought the website was fabulous, it was very easy to use, I'm very not good with things like that so if I could work it out anyone could. The presentation of it all was very well presented and it stood out. It was useful and very informative.

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