Splashing About In The Summer Sun

It seems like the Summer is beginning to whizz by! One minute we're busy waiting for a bit of warmth and sunshine, and the next I'm beginning to worry about fitting in all the days out which I'd wanted to plan.

But in amongst all of this, when it comes down to it, is a little boy who just wants to play in the water.

Splashing About In The Sun

Last Thursday was The Boy's fifth birthday and we had our usual family tea party after school. The day was hot and both The Boy and his cousin were hot and sweaty from PE lessons that day, the butterflies were flitting amongst the lavender bushes, and the long grass was teeming with insects when his cousin discovered the new garden toy we'd invested in.

It's a long hose with a selection of wiggling pipes coming out at intervals, when the water is turned on, the pressure forces the pipes to wiggle out uncontrollably; a little like Medusa's snakes.

And of course, you try stopping two little boys from testing it out.

Splashing About In The Sun

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    What wonderfully happy photos, lots of fun, games and laughter – just what a birthday should be about! I hope he had a wonderful day and thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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