Days 152 – 158 of Project 365

Days 152 - 158 of Project 365

152. Neptune's Lair (We had our first day at Legoland where we explored some of our favourite rides, Atlantis is one of them. We didn't turn up until 3pm giving us another three hours there, but finding most people were leaving because they were hot and bothered. Excellent!)

153. Walking Bricks (Doesn't everyone have a walking Lego brick as a friend? I've also been playing with the editing functions on Snapseed, I have fallen in love with it!)

154. Shattered (Two busy days in Legoland, a day back in school, and unsurprisingly he slept like the proverbial. Been a while since I posted a sleeping child photo!)

155. Graduate (Next step in decorating The Boy's bedroom; the dark blue down to sky blue for the space scene.)

156. Stormy Skies (We were heading to the clifftop park after tea when we spotted that there was a mud-dredger on the beach. It turns out it was deliberately beached while they needed to do emergency repairs, but it attracted a lot of attention. We had a good old play around under some thunderous looking clouds before heading to the park as promised.)

157. Leap (The most enormous jump for after-school fun in the garden with the bubble rocket launcher. Slightly Matrix-esque like jump?)

158. Light Of My Life (I made him. Simple.)

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  1. says

    So many great photos! Hope Legoland was lots of fun and well done with the room, it's coming along brilliantly. What a massive jump from The Boy, very impressive. I hope he has the most awesome birthday – make sure you get a photo of his face when he sees his room! Loving that beach photo 🙂

  2. says

    Love the photo's, as usual. The painting is very good…. very arty! That last picture is the best, for me I just love little boys.. you can't beat them, I know because I have three…. well two little ones and one that used to be little once!!!! You did a fine job making him 😉 x

  3. says

    LOVE the final photo of him just beautiful and to think he is almost 5!!! where have the last 5 years gone???
    i also really like the beach shot – that sky is very dramatic and i like the little white and red trangkle sails of the boats in the background
    great jumping shot too x

  4. says

    Oh I love that last photo! The catch lights in his eyes are perfect. And your words are lovely.

    I'm still trying to get the perfect jumping shot – they never seem to have as much air in the photo as I imagine at the time x

  5. says

    Another collection of lovely photos – I love the jumping shot and the last one. Also very impressed with your painting skills – I wouldn't know where to start with something like that! Looking forward to seeing the finished bedroom 🙂

  6. says

    what a week of gorgeous photos. I love the last one- 5 feels like such a grown up birthday. The storm and the room tones match wonderfully.

  7. says

    How is it nearly the Boy's birthday already?? Gorgeous photos, it's not everyday you see a large walking Lego brick is it? I am enjoying watching the bedroom makeover in progress

  8. says

    I saw some if these pics on your instagram feed this week. That picture at the beach is absolutely stunning! The composition is fantastic. Some great shots of The boy as always 🙂

  9. says

    thats a big jump. Love the clouds on the beach picture, are those sailing ships I see in the back ground?
    Looking forward to seeing his face and his finished room this week.
    It is quite amazing when you think you have not only made this little person but fed them, nurtured them and made them who and what they are in doing so, every right to be proud. I am proud of every one of my five, (yes even the one on his holidays!!)

  10. says

    I love the beach photo with the red and white boats in the background, but those clouds do look rather dark and stormy – a very British scene!

  11. says

    The bedroom is looking flipping amazing.

    The beach scene is brilliant, I love the app Snapseed as it allows you to do some much editing on the camera or phone.

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