How To Make A Peg-Figure

I used to love making peg dolls as a child, and would frequently make small versions of family members for them. We were recently given a couple of traditional wooden pegs and The Boy instantly pretended it was a person with legs; the perfect opportunity to create a mini-me with him.

How To Make A Peg Doll 1

Along with the wooden pegs, we also received some felt, pipe cleaners, and foam hands and feet in the craft box. These were absolutely perfect for the peg doll, and The Boy decided upon the colour of the peg dolls top and shorts, and estimated how big a rectangle of felt he'd need to cut.

  1. Cut a rectangle of fabric to wrap around the lower half of the peg, to cover the legs as either a skirt or trousers. The Boy decided he'd be wearing shorts. Use a normal glue stick to cover the felt and wrap it around the 'legs' (we used the Bostik Blu Stick). I snipped the fabric and pushed it in between the 'legs' to further resemble shorts.
  2. Cut a rectangle of an alternate fabric or felt for the top and snip two small holes where the 'arms' will come out from. Glue the back of the felt again.
  3. Wrap a pipe-cleaner tightly around the body, with the ends coming off opposite sides to each other to be the arms.
  4. Feed the pipe-cleaner arms through the arm holes of the top and press the top down onto the peg firmly.
  5. Cut out two small rectangles as sleeves in matching fabric, glue and wrap around the pipe-cleaners close to the body. Leave to dry.
  6. Use felt tip-pens to draw a face and hair onto the doll. Ideally use wool for the hair but we didn't have any brown wool!
  7. Glue the foam hands and feet into place on the ends of the legs and the end of the pipe-cleaners. Leave to dry.

How To Make A Peg Doll

I was sent these products for the purpose of this post.

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