Days 138 – 144 of Project 365

Days 138 - 144 of Project 365

138. Open Season (The first visit to Barry Island in the warm weather and The Boy frolicked around the beach without a care in the world. These are my happy moments!)

139. Learner Driver (We've had this cardboard box in our dining room for about 4 weeks now, and The Boy has begged me to make it into a car for him at least three times a day ever since. I don't know why I've delayed doing so, but I finally relented. He then sat in it for an hour with his toys, reading books and watching television.)

140. Mr. Snail (The Boy's reception class had an Ugly Bug Ball mid week and even though I'd planned to make him a snail shell for a while, finally sitting down and doing it the night before proved frustrating. In the end, he was more than happy with it and slithered all over the house on his tummy.)

141. Strength (Not only is The Boy developing his upper body strength to the point where he might manage monkey bars, but he's also slowly recovering from the Scarlet Fever which has plagued him for the past week or so.)

142. Photobomb (I was out practising with the camera on my new phone – Samsung Galaxy S5 – when I spotted this ant crawling over my favourite rose. Rude!)

143. I AM SMILING!!! (The Boy has been on half days this week as I didn't feel he was well enough for full days in school (that went down well!) and I took him to Pizza Hut for lunch after I'd picked him up. He might be getting fed up of having photos taken…)

144. Formation (A little bit of letter formation on these cards that I'd bought a while ago from ELC. Only problem is that they're not actually accurate for the font that most Reception children use nowadays. But it's okay because he corrected them before practising.)

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you, we are very fortunate to have somewhere so close. I was quite chuffed with his costume, so thanks!

  1. says

    Perfect timing for the first photograph on Barry Island. I adore the Boy as a snail – just so adorable and the I am smiling pic is too cute for words!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Why do it? Don't even get me started on comic sans! We teach our children cursive from the start of Reception, makes a big difference!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      We're very fortunate to have so many beaches very close to us. I need to make more use of the Cornish beaches when we go to Coombe Mill in the Summer, not something that springs to mind when you're so used to them.

  2. says

    love the carefree beach picture and what a great mid air capture. Good grief he has eaten pizza, yet his face is still clean, mine never manage that, his face is comical.
    Wonder if the ant knows he/she is now famous and their picture is on the www for all to see?
    Nice to see him getting back to normal.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I'd taken about ten of him running to get that one mid – air, but I am pleased with it. He's always hated getting a mucky face, even as a baby he hated being dirty when eating.

  3. says

    Love that beach photo it's just brilliant! So glad The Boy is feeling a bit better and he's being eased back in gently. The box car and Mr Snail outfit is just awesome. So annoying when things land on flowers. Took a great photo last week with the macro then realised the stem was covered in black fly! Sounds like it's been back to reality a bit this week, that's good news 🙂

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you for saying that, he just couldn't cope with full days and as he's not even five yet; why should he need to? Damn those pesky insects spoiling our photography!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I am fond of that beach shot too, the tiny people in the background showing how deserted the beach was.

  4. says

    So glad that he is recovering well – and that you helped him manage going back to school gradually. Wow – what a beach shot. Hurrah for an hour in his car!

  5. says

    I really thought I'd left a comment last night but obv not – that's the problem with being away from my laptop! I love the beach photo- awesome. That snail is so clever too and I'm not surprised you put off making that car ,it looks like it took a while but worth it in the end!

  6. says

    so glad to hear that he on the mend now and will hopefully enjoy a lovely half term before returning illness free for the final term.
    i laughed at his pizza lunch face (my two keep pulling silly faces in photos at the moment too) and i really like his ugly bug ball outfit x

  7. says

    I'm loving this week! Well done on the snail costume…better you than me. That car is ace and we want to come over and play too. That beach photo is just so much fun 🙂 and I love that pizza face.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He is most definitely a cheeky monkey, and I'm so pleased to see him recovering as well. Thanks 🙂

  8. says

    What gorgeous photos. I adore the first one with your boys leap into the air on the beach. Beautiful. Those flash cards are a great idea and something I reckon my Jacob could benefit from! Must keep a wee eye out for those! Great post/pics hun! x #365

  9. says

    Love The Boy's cheeky face. Glad to see him back to normal. 🙂
    A box car looks good fun. A box wouldn't have remained in our house long enough to be made into a car. Hubby = a bit OCD…LOL

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