Days 131 – 137 of Project 365

Days 131 - 137 of Project 365

131. From Up There (We nipped over to Cefn Onn this afternoon for a lovely walk amongst the bluebells and rhododendrons. It also has some amazing climbing trees and The Boy couldn't wait to get up the nearest one.)

132. Botanist (I enlisted The Boy to keep the many bedding plants alive that I'd bought the day before. I have a tendency to buy them and then not manage to get them in before they die; complete waste of money! The Boy happily soaked the entire patio watering these. )

133. Opinions (It wasn't until I was collating the photos for this week that I realised I hadn't taken a dedicated one for Tuesday. The only photo that I'd taken that day was of The Boy's lunch using the new Yumbox lunchbox I'd been sent for review. I put the photo up on Instagram and several people commented about his yummy lunch. One person decided to comment that the box looked great but the contents didn't, and then used the hashtag #fructosefest. I was incredibly hurt and it's annoyed me all week. His lunchbox, as always, contained a good balance of carbohydrates, protein, dairy and fruit. He doesn't like raw vegetables, or cold pasta or veg etc. Yes there are three mini party rings in there, but that's his sweet treat. I looked up about fructose and it's the sugar which comes from fruit, but only certain fruit like the strawberries, but not grapes and cucumber. So not only was the commenter rude, but she was also wrong. Moreover, what happened to the old adage of 'if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'? No-one needs to comment, just move along if you don't like it or don't agree. Yes, I was annoyed.)

134. Analgesia and Antibiotics (Scarlet Fever. The Boy has Scarlet Fever. Yes, it's 2014. It's also a bloody horrible bacterial illness which has knocked my boy for six. We've been changing his bedding and pyjamas three times a night every night due to the damn fever he's had. And while his temperature hasn't been higher than around 38°C, he's been feeling hot one minute while being cold, or feeling freezing while he's actually boiling! Horrible.)

135. Over and Out (A rare moment of laughter in another wise very poorly day. The sweats and fever continued, no rash was present.)

136. Cooling Off (The fever seemed to be breaking on Friday, although The Boy was still getting incredibly hot. Best way to cool him down was to pop him into his swimsuit, and give him a hose and the water table.)

137. Too Soon? (Did I speak too soon when I said that I didn't think he'd be getting the rash? He appears to have a pinprick heatrash-style reaction across his chest, typical of Scarlet Fever, although it doesn't seem to be bothering him very much thankfully. We set to making a ladybird model this afternoon for his homework, but halfway through he became really tired and needed a nap! Hardly ever happens apart from when he's really poorly. I love the evening sunlight in this photo which shows off his cheeky smile, which I hope it on its way back permanently!)

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  1. says

    Your poor boy getting scarlet fever. There has been a lot of it around this year though. That's really awful that someone was so rude about your lunchbox. To be honest I'd be over the moon if my kids ate a lunch like that – it looks very healthy and balanced to me and, as you say, people should keep their mouths shut if they haven't got anything nice to say.

  2. says

    Poor thing. Scarlet fever doesn't sound nice. Hope he's over it soon.

    Great photos as per usual

    Can't believe the rudeness of your commenter. Surely fructose is a better sugar than most given it's natural. Interesting it's not in grapes – I thought it was in all fruit, but that's good to know. Although grapes are awful if you're calorie counting so wonder what they do have that's so high in calories.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      (Can't comment on your blog as you don't have name/URL enabled so am replying here and it should get emailed to you)

      Look at you walking you clever little icklepickle! And the yoghurt must have been very yummy, I hope you like other flavours too.

      Thanks to mummy for linking up to Project 365.

  3. says

    Oh hope he feels better soon!!

    Lovely photos as usual…ignore the people who comment and have nothing nice to say!

  4. says

    I didn't even think children got scarlett fever much anymore. I hope he's ok and gets well soon x 🙁 He's looking smiley in the last pic so hopefully its on its way out 🙂

  5. says

    Fab photo's! Sorry the boy is ill. I hope he gets better soon. I agree the comments on your #Bento lunch are nasty! I think what you have given a 4yr old for lunch is just right! Your his mum and you know best x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Good news for the blog? Oh do spill the beans! Very thoughtful husband as those are wonderful flowers. I love the photo of little one striding across the bridge.

      Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  6. says

    Bless him, I hope he is feeling better soon. Some lovely photos from a hard week for you both. I think the watering the plants has to be my favourite 🙂

  7. says

    Beautiful pictures! I hope he's feeling better soon, there seems to be so many bugs going aroun at the moment! Some people can be so rude with comments, I hope you're not feeling down about it x have a great week x

  8. says

    Oh no, poor thing having Scarlett Fever. I have heard of a few people with it recently so it must be doing the rounds this year. It is lovely to see that even being poorly he still looks like he is having a great time in the garden. x

  9. says

    How rude of them. The lunch looks fab to me. If he wont eat raw veg and cold pasta (emmy won't either) why would you put them in…..I would be tempted to tell them to jog on.

    So sorry to hear he has Scarlett fever, not nice at all. Hope he is better soon.

  10. says

    The boy is definitely getting more adept at climbing trees. Don't let the commenter upset you, I think the Boys lunch looks fantastic and your lunch boxes have inspired me to be a bit more creative with mine too. Hope The Boy feels better soon xx

  11. says

    awww my lovely i think having an opinion is ok but to be mean about it is vile! i am so pleased to see the boys smile even if he is feeling poorly!

    I hope next week is a better one x

  12. says

    I'm sorry to read that the boy's been poorly. I hope that he's on the mend.
    I can't believe that someone was so rude about the lunch you prepared, it looks great to me. I agree that if you have nothing nice to say, just don't say it.
    I love the tree climbing picture and I have to say that your little lad has the most gorgeous smile. x

  13. says

    Seriously some people need to get a life. Everything in moderation. That looks like a lunch box anyone would be proud of. It is very difficult not to get pissed off by such comments but believe me the rest of the sane world knows you should be getting a gold star for that

  14. says

    Your poor boy 🙁 Scarlet Fever seems to have been doing the rounds across the UK just recently. Hope he gets better really soon. Those lunch boxes have caused quite a stir on social media this week. Quite frankly, I don't think it's anyone else's business what we choose to feed our children, including the school's!

  15. says

    Oh no I'm sorry that the Boy has been poorly, I haven't heard of Scarlet Fever fo years, I hope he is better now. I love your lunch boxes, I only wish I had the time to do something similar. I agree that people should keep their nasty comments to themselves. Just ignore them.

  16. says

    Oh dear, really hope he gets over it soon as sure not nice to have. But he does look like he's having a good time with you and that's what counts. 🙂

  17. says

    You posted that last photo just to show off that tshirt! 🙂 everyone has an opinion and social media makes people go crazy to vent theirs. Poor little man…hope he feels better. That first photo is a cracker!

  18. says

    Love the tree climbing photo and sorry to hear the Boy has been so poorly. We had a letter home from school a couple of weeks ago about Scarlet Fever – horrid. I am curious about the octonaut/panda things in the lunchbox (rather than the food!) ?

  19. says

    Argh! Scarlet fever, not fun at all. He looks in great spirits for having it though. Great photos and his lunch is making me want to step up my game in that department lol

  20. says

    Oh no! Hope the boy feels better soon. I love that top photo and isn't the boy looking so grown up. Love his lunch box and my girls love those party rings too. That's awful that someone left a Rude comment, I agree with the whole if you haven't got anything nice to say don't say anything at all. It's my favourite saying. Love the boys tshirt too. I wouldn't mind pink ones for the girls as we say it all the time, please don't forget to add me in (will b more organised next week) x

  21. says

    he seems to have had more than his fair share of illness lately, but sadly often happens at his age. I like the slogan on his tee shirt. The water table and hosepipe is a fun way to get his temperature down.

  22. says

    Awww poor boy! Sounds like a tough few days for you all and certainly not helped by mean, unnecessary comments on your post. I will never understand why people feel the need to be mean, especially to strangers. Hope that this week is going better for all of you and there's lots more climbing trees in next week's photos!! xx

  23. says

    i am so sorry thsat the boy has been so ill and so often recently – but he does look very happy in all of the photos he is featured in. nice to see him up and about enjoying the gloriosu weather we had.
    and screw the rude and opinionated person – he is your boy you feed him as you see fit and you know what he likes best and what is good for him x

  24. says

    I love seeing him helping out in the garden, it's such a fun thing to do and the girls love it.

    Sorry to hear the little man has been ill. I hope things have improved this week

  25. says

    I'm glad to The Boy well again (from updates and instagrams this week 🙂 )
    I don't even understand all this Bento stuff but what is in the lunchbox looks pretty balanced to me. Some people really should keep their opinions to themselves. I don't some people realise how hurtful they can be.
    Rise above it sweetie..xx

  26. says

    Just realised I was behind with my 365 commenting! I hope The Boy is feeling a bit better this week. He did so well smiling away when he must have been feeling rubbish. As for the lunchbox comment, how nasty – think some folk are just jealous though. I love the idea of these lunchboxes, would love to do them for POD when she's at school. That's a great tree climbing photo and the t-shirt is super cool!

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