A is for…

… antibiotics and analgesia.

A is for...

There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that the one thing that The Boy has gained from his Reception year in primary school is a whole heap of germs.

Granted the four ear infections this Winter is a reduction in the seven from the previous year, however the other illnesses have been ridiculous and a little excessive. Yes there's been the usual and expected coughs and colds, but he's also suffered his first (and what I hope is his only) bout of tonsillitis. Then there was the sickness bug.


Slapped cheek before Easter, on top of the fourth ear infection, I'd hoped was the peak.

But no, now The Boy has scarlet fever. Yes, in this day and age my son has scarlet fever.

The rash hasn't arrived yet, and as it is a reaction to the toxins in the body and he is now on antibiotics, I'm hoping it won't descend upon him. He's had enough to contend with over the past four days; high temperatures, fevers and the sweats while feeling freezing cold, feeling boiling while actually being cold (?), swollen glands, swollen tongue, sore and smelly throat, blocked nose, swollen and weeping eyes, and sore skin.

After three nights of changing his bedding frequently throughout his slumber, dosing him with layered calpol and nurofen, and holding him tightly while he sobs in his sleep, that's why A is also most definitely for this…

A is for... alcohol

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness the poor boy has had such a time already. It's incredible you can catch Scarlet Fever in this day and age although weirdly I did see someone else with it recently online. I do hope with all the drugs he has he's on the road to recovery soon. It must be horrible for him and awfully stressful for you all. Sending many hugs x #alphabetphoto

  2. says

    That is a lot to contend with. Not helped by his immune system being pummelled by previous infections. My three went down with scarlet fever. Thought it went out with the Velveteen rabbit. Hope the hugs are helping too. Raspberry drink looks nice. #AlphabetPhoto

  3. Debra says

    Oh wow, what a nightmare you guys are going through at the moment. Get well wishes being sent from this end.

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