Summer Vacation On A Tight Budget (Collaborative Post)

With the warmer months imminently upon us, you may be considering a well-deserved holiday in the near future. Indeed, Summer holidays can be so much fun if you have everything you need to have a good time.

Summer Holidays

However, you might be worried that your funds will not go as far as you'd like. Thankfully, you are not the only one with such worries. Let's not forget that there are a handful of budget-friendly tips that will allow your warm holidays to be enjoyed with little financial worries. Here are some top tips to allow you to enjoy a break while making the best of the funds that you have.

  • Book Ahead: You might be surprised to learn that countless travellers still book their holiday tickets a week or two before they wish to depart. As we all know, the Summer months will naturally see the prices and other excursions rise dramatically. So, give yourself at least six weeks of "breathing room" when purchasing any flights. Besides saving a handsome sum of money, you are more likely to find travel arrangements that accommodate your schedule.
  • Forgo the Five-Star Hotel: Although you might wish to experience truly luxurious accommodations during your holiday abroad, never forget that such hotels will place a massive dent into your limited budget. This can actually stop you from taking part in other exciting activities that may be located nearby (restaurants, museums or amusement parks, for instance). So, opt for a hotel that reflects a bit of moderation. You don't have to compromise and stay in local hostels, but balance your need for comfortable living arrangements with the activities that you wish to enjoy.
  • The Crippling Currency Exchange: There are a number of valuable online travel resources, but very few will stress the need for you to find the best exchange rates possible. Avoid changing over any currency at airports or in city centres as these services are likely to come with relatively hefty commission fees. Instead, go to the bank or Post Office; they may offer a commission-free service and the rates will reflect up-to-date values.

These three tips can help to stretch a limited budget for any upcoming holiday. While you may not live like a king, you will still be able to experience all of the sights and sounds you want from your break away.

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    I've learned after many years to sometimes book the cheaper place with the nice bed and it doesn't make any difference to the quality of our holiday. After all, the stars reflect the facilities don't they? And not the room or food.

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