Days 124 – 130 of Project 365

Days 124- 130 of Project 365

A bit of a mixed week with photographs this week, some I am pleased with, others are… well they're the ones in black and white! They're also not in order because of the collage format (and my need to hide the rubbish ones minisculey together)

124. Six (Today was the 'Blog On' conference in Manchester which I attended and took photos of while The Boy and Mr. TBaM went around the Museum of Science and Industry. Afterwards we were all exhausted and fell into the nearest Pizza Express where The Boy decided six straws would make it easier to drink his water.)

125. Bug Hunters (We met up with friends at Redhouse Farm in Manchester and the four children had a great time with The Boy's bug hunting kit trying to find some minibeasts in the hedgerow. I love the descending line as they all try to get a better look.)

126. Crawly (He's really into woodlice at the moment, and has one on the tip of his finger here.)

127. UP! (His latest game is trying to kick his football up and into his den. Spot the boring photo #2)

128. Wrong Way? (After school collapse. fSpot the boring photo #3)

129. Maze (We popped to the local nature reserve after school and The Boy found it really amusing that the bamboo was growing through the boardwalk like a maze. Simple things hey?)

130. Off He Goes! (I'm so unbelievably proud of our son today! I don't want to go into too much detail of the ins and outs, but basically today was the day he rode his bike without stabilisers for the first time. And he went on to astound Mr. TBaM when he even got the hang of 'pushing off'. Such a big boy.)

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      No it didn't at all, he soon ditched some and stuck with just three of the straws.

      Love your Bento lunch this week, well done for having a go! Brilliant work by your son as well at the driving.

      Thanks for linking up to Project 365, new linky live at 9pm tonight.

  1. says

    Well done on no stabilizers – it really opened up a world of biking for us when our boy mastered it. I love the 6 straws, lol. and the long grass is stunning in the maze photo

  2. says

    I love the legs up collapsed photo. Although when I scrolled down, I did double take at that one!

    There's so many clever children at the moment, picking up cycling without stabilisers at the moment. Must be the summer coming and everyone getting the chance to be outside more!

  3. says

    Oh wow that's great news cycling without stabilisers, how exciting! Sounds like it's been a good week with that and Blogon too – shame I missed it, must go next year. Love the first two photos and last two especially this week, lovely x

  4. says

    Gorgeous shots!

    Riding bike without stabilizer sounds very exciting. Great job by little man. We've this is our to do list. However, I am not sure if we will do it this year. 😉

  5. says

    I love Bug Hunters – as you say, the way they have arranged themselves into descending order is just lovely!

    And well done to The Boy for getting the hang of riding without stabilisers!

  6. says

    Can't believe I missed you at Blog On! Love the top photo of TBAM and his friends – it looks like they were really taking the bug hunting very seriously!

  7. says

    How proud you must be, the 7 yr old girl here is only just mastering riding a bike and the boy hasn't even started – bad parenting! Ugh to the wood lice, do you call them chucky pigs?! I never knew what the kids re on about at my first teaching practise! 🙂 lovely pics x

  8. says

    Some great actions shots this week, how come mine always seem to go blurry? Must get that camera instruction booklet out again! I particularly love the shot of the kids on the bug hunt – all so engrossed 🙂

  9. says

    ok firstly your photos are not boring – it does not matter how exciting or unexciting they are because they are snapshots into the boys life, mannersisms and character and show what he gets up to and enjoys !! Never apologise!!!!!
    LOve the bike riding photo best because it is such an amazing feat and i also like him examining the bug on his finger!! x

  10. says

    I love that first photo of the four of them and also the black/white one of him with his legs in the air – looks like fun whatever he was doing. Well done to the Boy for mastering that bike!

  11. says

    I couldn't see any boring photos there. It was lovely to catch up with you again at Blog On and yay well done to the Boy with his cycling, A is amazing on hers and it is so lovely for them to be able to go off independently (although I have got a lot fitter from running to keep up with her)

  12. says

    a huge well done on the bike riding, not bad for one so young. Yes its amazing how simple things amuse them, lets hope the bamboo does not mask the path. The six straws is great a lovely if daft thing to do. Bug hunting is great fun, we need to get out and do some

  13. says

    I am loving the bug hunters, what a really beautiful shot 🙂

    So sorry for the delay in getting round #365 this week tonight i will do better lovely x

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