Our Sun Superday At Legoland Windsor (Review & Giveaway)

Last year we were fortunate to visit Legoland Windsor three times throughout it's opening season, and had a huge amount of fun on the various rides and different attractions. When we were offered the chance to return recently with tickets courtesy of The Sun Superdays, we jumped at the chance!

Legoland Windsor

We decided to visit Legoland on our way back from Bognor Regis where we'd been enjoying a stay in the Butlin's resort, and booked a local Premier Inn. The park opens at 10am, although the gates are open from 9.30am and visitors can wait in the central area. In hindsight, we should have made more of an effort to get there for 9.30am because by the time we arrived there at 11am the queue to get in was a mile down the road, and we ended up parking in the overflow 'field' car-park behind the normal overflow area.

To say it was busy would be the understatement of the millennium.

Further to that, I'd planned to hire out some of the Q-Bots devices which reserve your place in the queue without you having to physically stand there; you can go on another ride while you wait, or enjoy one of the many attractions. We've used them twice before and they're a good idea if you have the spare money for them (£15.00 per person). Unfortunately, they had all been booked out online and there were none available. I honestly nearly cried in frustration. Asking a four year old child to queue up for 75 minutes for rides (as that was the wait on the day we visited) is a bit unfair; I wouldn't do it and so it's not fair to ask him to.

Temper tantrum over, we headed down into the main park and came up with a strategy of aiming for three rides that we know The Boy adores going on, and filling the rest of the time exploring Miniland and some of the play areas in Duplo Valley. The Boy is absolutely obsessed with trying to identify as many of the different landmarks in Miniland, and he loves watching the boats in the harbours and the trains racing around the stations.

One of the rides which was an absolute must him to go on was 'L-Drivers'! The first time he tried this out last year my husband and I roared with laughter; he caused so many hold-ups and crashed going around the track. We thoroughly commend the attendants for having the patience of a saint to keep pointing the little ones in the right direction. This time though he was far more adept at steering (probably due to all the practise he'd had on the dodgems at Butlin's!) and really enjoyed himself driving a big Lego brick on wheels.

Even on a ridiculously busy day (I blame myself for not realising that Easter Saturday would be crazy!) there are still enough things to go on to satisfy children, although I did see a few grumpy parents who felt they hadn't had their money's worth.

Saying all this, would we go again?

Well we bought annual passes on the way out, so the answer has to be a resounding 'YES'!

Tickets for Legoland Windsor are £46.80 per adult and £41.40 per child, with reductions of around £10.00 per person available for online purchases. The annual passes (for Legoland only) cost £110 per adult or £85.00 per child, with reductions available again. We took them up on their offer of upgrading to an Annual Pass on the day, which means that the price of the ticket already purchased on the day is removed from the prices quoted above. Therefore instead of paying £110 we paid around £63.00 per adult and £44.00 for The Boy. We absolutely intend on going back there several times within the next twelve months, and it struck us as a sensible option.

We just won't go on a Bank Holiday weekend!

We were sent the tickets to try out one of the fabulous places that features in The Sun's Superdays out campaign. You can claim two free adult tickets worth £93.00 for Legoland Windsor courtesy of The Sun Superdays by signing up here to The Sun+.

The Sun+ are running a competition at the moment to win £250 spending money at Chessington World of Adventures, by sharing an embarrassing #sunfession with them here.

If I was to enter, then I would most definitely be tweeting about this:

"I told The Boy that Papa Pear was broken and didn't work on the iPad, just so that I could use it instead! #sunfession"

To support the #Sunfession campaign, I also have £250 to give away to my lovely readers to spend at Legoland.

All you need to do is:

  • Log in to Twitter or Instagram and retell an entertaining white lie that you have told your children.
  • Don't forget to include the #Sunfession and #TheBoyandMe hashtags in order to be entered.
  • Hit tweet or post, then visit The Sun Sunfession site to see your #Sunfession appear!
  • Enter the URL of the Instagram picture (you can access this via a laptop or computer on the web, but not through the mobile devices app) or the URL of your tweet into the Rafflecopter form below (which makes it easier to collate and choose a winner!).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received free entry for two adults and spending money in order to review Legoland and write this review for The Sun Superdays campaign; my opinion is honest and unbiased.


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  1. says

    I would really like to take my two to Legoland but the distance and price make it much more expensive. But seeing the offer, I'm singing up right now, thank you. It's my daughter's birthday soon-she would be thrilled if I could make a visit possible 🙂

  2. says

    Our favourite day out in 2013 was our day at the National Trust's Wray Caste in the Lake District it's such a fun place and so different from the usual 'castles' or NT house we visit: the children loved building with foam bricks writing on the chalk boards and dressing up as knights and kings and queens! Outside there was even more to explore: Den building, secret tunnels and trees to climb! After enjoying our picnic in the grounds we went for a walk around Lake Windermere and met some friendly cows in afield!

  3. Jenna Keller says

    Mine had to be when we took the kids to Longleat Safari Park in Wiltshire at Christmas time, they saw all the animals and went on the safari and had a great time. It was such a magical experience too because they took a train ride to visit santa's grotto and as we went fairly late, it was dark so the trees had lights twinkling away in them and the train was lit up by lights too. My son said we were on the Polar Express like In the film! There was (fake) snow on the ground and all around santa's grotto which made the children believe it had really been snowing and was in fact the North Pole!

    There was also a giant magical singing Christmas tree that lit up with different coloured lights to a sequence of Christmas music. Both my children were enchanted by this. I had to admit it was magical. It just made us all feel so Christmassy, and I can't wait to go again this year. Definitely the best day out of 2013 for me and my family.

  4. says

    We went to Ilkley Park to play and visited to river whilst we were there. My husband decided that he would go into the river and have a wade around (it was only waist high) and fell in. It was the most amusing thing I have seen. Although he later realised that he had his phone in his pocket and was inches away from ruining it

  5. says

    Ours was a day at Legoland for eldest son's 5th birthday. Was both boys 1sr ever time there and was so good we did the same again this year for his 6th birthday!

  6. says

    It has to be our trip to Thorpe Park. My mum lives in between there and Windsor and I never get to see them so this was a lovely surprise day out where my kiddies got to spend quality time with their nan and grandad

  7. says

    I have had a number of lovely days so hard picking one, but Legoland always has a fond place in our hearts, I like to visit once a year and we went in April and the boys had a blast 🙂 x

  8. says

    our favourite day out last year was to bewilderwood in norfolk, love legoland too though we have just bought merlin annual passes so hope to spend lots of time there this year x

  9. claire sen says

    my favourite day out in 2013 was to my local farm park run by Adam Henson. It has so many activities and animals, my daughter loves it. We've always wanted to go to legoland but the prices have made it impossible…so would LOVE to win this!

  10. lynn savage says

    My favourite day out in 2013 was to Pensthorpe Wildlife and Gardens. The kids loved the activities (building sandcastles, exploring streams, tunnels and all the wildlife), a great day to spend outdoors, will definately be going back again.

  11. Jackie Chapman says

    We had a fantastic day at Alnwick Castle. Parts of the Harry Potter films were made there so they have lots of organised Harry Potter themed activities such as broomstick training and tours and lots more besides. The gardens are beautiful with lots of specialist areas which are of interest to both adults and kids. The huge treehouse was a big hit with my kids. I would highly recommend as a family day out!

  12. Julie Johnson says

    When we went to a zoo, there were no bears or tigers, so we had to tell them they were asleep and we will return later to see if they are awake. (we never did)

  13. Darren Freeman says

    We took our boy to fire station where they had an open day, he was beside himself, trying on uniforms, in their fire engines, using the hose and lots more!

  14. Carla says

    We had a fantastic day out at legoland in 2013. Unfortuantly it rained buckets all day so we didn't see or do much. My boy has asked to go back ever since.

  15. says

    Our favourite day out was when we went to Bristol Zoo with my sister, her partner and his two girls. We were members so went regularly anyway but it was nice to spend a full day there with people we love.

  16. Lee Davis says

    We ahd a brilliant family day out to Gullivers Kingdom in Matlock, lots of great kid friendly rides.

  17. Kay Broomfield says

    Our favourite day out of 2013 was definitely a day spent at the beach in Newquay. Glorious sunshine, ice creams and a very happy little boy playing in the sand!

  18. Cerys E says

    The best day we had out was at the London Aquarium! The children loved it and it was actually a very relaxing trip as they were mesmerised by all the fish! Hope my link/URL works, wasn't quite sure I copied and pasted the right thing!

  19. Natasha M says

    WE booked a hotel in Birmingam (childrens 1st time at a hotel) went to the bullring & stocked up on lots of goodies & then took them to the science museum. It was lots of fun!!

  20. jo maxted says

    best day out we had was taking our eldest daughter to stamford bridge for the first time , it was the first time she had watched the football live and loved it…. we stayed overnight at chelseas hotel and she loved the buffet breakfast the next day xx

  21. says

    The Warner Bros studio tour in LA was amazing. To see working sets where some of the most famous films were filmed was really brilliant.

    In the Uk we went to Alton Towers and had a great time 🙂

  22. gemma blake says

    Our favourite day out last year was to Chessington. My son is quite tall for his age so can go on quite a lot of the rides. He loved the vampire and another rollercoaster that spins you on the track! Much more up my street was the new safari ride where a giraffe popped his head into our truck! I think my son is going to be a rollercoaster junkie when he is a bit older!

  23. LEAH SULLIVAN says

    We spent a wonderful day at Whitstable. We walked a couple of miles along the pebble beach, us, our 3 children and our Jack Russell. We had a picnic, ice creams and at the end of the day, watched the sun set whilst eating freshly caught fish and chips… perfect!

  24. Sarah Rees says

    The best day we had out as a family last year was a trip to Alton Towers. All mums I think have the image of a perfect family day out in their head – Which rarely happens because the kids fight or your huband wont stop moaning about catching traffic or the fact there are too many people. This day out though was perfect, the park was quiet, we didnt have to que, it stayed dry and everyone was happy. It will be a long time before I forget it.

  25. Leigh Larkin says

    A short break to a cottage on a farm in Cornwall. Our little girl got to get up each morning, feed the chickens and goats and collect her own egg to take back for breakfast. Adorable!

  26. lucy robinson says

    We took the children to the New Forest. We hired bikes for the day. The kids loved it, didn't moan once. They still talk about it now.

  27. Jill Cordner says

    After I had my third son on November 30th 2013 me my partner and our 3 boys went to see Santa together, it was wonderful as we had our completed family x

  28. Rachel Edney says

    We had a great time at the Puzzling Place in Keswick. There were lots of optical illusions and our favourite was the upside down room

  29. Lynn Doe says

    A fantastic day out to Hornsea mere with loads and loads of the family, we all had fish and chips, played crazy golf, then to the beach, It was a great memorable day 🙂

  30. Andrea McGlashan says

    Ah…. great memories of a day a Disneyland Paris in the sunshine with so many smiles!

  31. Julia Plant says

    We took our two daughters to Eurodisney for the first time – although only <1 and 3, they absolutely loved it. Our 3 year old nearly exploded with excitement to meet her favourite characters! Mummy and daddy had a great time too 🙂

  32. says

    That's a tough one but it would probably have to be Pirate Day at Tredegar House. The children had great fun and managed to complete some of their 50 things activities. We're going again on Monday and I hope it's as good as last year.

  33. Carolin says

    We had a lovely day at Peppa Pig world, going on all the rides, snacking yummy food having lots of fun 🙂

  34. Sarah Ballantyne says

    We had a fantastic day out at Sundwn Adventure Land – it's a little run down but so much to spark the kids imagination. Loads of space, fantastic soft play and lovely storybook village, cowboy area and pirate ship. It's always quiet – loads of space to run around and no queues.

  35. Abby Carroll says

    Amazingly Groomsbride Place :). After reading terrible reviews after buying tickets we were a bit worried but honestly it was lovely, maybe because the sun was out lol. Theres so much to do there my daughters went on boat rides, we saw all sorts of animals. The play areas were fantastic really loved the giant swings . Forest was great enjoyed the whole day had a picnic in a teepee. If you can get the tickets at a sale price then would definitely say give it a go

  36. Vicky Robinson says

    Last year we went to Paulton's Park on the day that the teachers had a strike – off peak and mid week in late October. We were lucky as although it was late, the weather was warm & sunny and although there were a lot of pre-schoolers in the Peppa Pig World bit, there was almost noone in the big children's part of the park so the older children had no queueing for rides at all. It was a fabulous day out for all the kids, they had a lot of fun and everyone really enjoyed it. This year they all want to go to Legoland.

  37. laura samantha avery says

    Our fav day out was a sun caravan holiday to haven hopton (great yarmouth) right on the beach and a great swimming pool!

  38. Felicity Kelly says

    We went to disney world florida and had a truly magical time. My favourite day out was the mickeys not somerset scary halloween party. We all got dressed up, trickle treated, met halloween dressed characters and enjoyed the spooky themed parades, shows, lighting and decorations! Amazing!

  39. natalie Fairhurst says

    Muncaster Castle on Halloween, fancy dress fire works and ghost stories – the kids loved it and my husband loved the birds of prey.

  40. stephanie Campbell says

    last year we took my 4 year old to disney world (been saving since he was born) and my favourite day of 2013 was the 4th june, it was the day we woke up in disney world really early (still on brit time- plus my son had crashed on the plane and didnt know we had landed so when he woke in 'mickeys house') so we got up and saw the opening parade, the face seeing all those characters coming round on the train was overwhelming, granting mine and his wishes! we spent the day running round seeing all the charcters- we werent even bothered about the rides!

  41. katie thomas says

    We had an amazing day at PeppaPig World last september – we were lucky to have glorious weather and went on a week day so park was lovely and quiet…..my little girl had just turned 2 so we were there for her birthday and she loved it! x

  42. susan willshee says

    we had a fab day out in Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. This is just a park with no rides or fancy entertainment, but we took a picnic and lots of outdoor games and had loads of fun all day long. There were rowing boats for hire on the river, an ice cream van parked right outside the gates and sunshine all day -fabulous, fun and inexpensive!

  43. Lynsey Ward says

    A trip to Peppa Pig world, it was a surprise for my daughter. As she didn't even know about the place her face was an absolute picture. Even now she think that is where Peppa and George live.

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