Days 117 – 123 of Project 365

Days 117 - 123 of Project 365

117. Found It! (We went geo-caching for the first time and managed to find four out of the six that we were attempting; the sixth was nigh on impossible (I think it had been moved) and the fifth had some dubious fellows smoking something even more dubious nearby! However, success with our first find after thirty minutes of hunting.)

118. David Beckham? (I bought a new garden toy for The Boy to help practise his football-kicking skills; swing football. Great fun and he can do it by himself!)

119. Reading Den (With the cover on the climbing frame, the platform makes a perfect den for The Boy to chill out and read a book after school! Today's reading material was 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'.)

120. Peekaboo! (Upside down on that climbing frame again!)

121. Bear Hunt (Bit of a boring one today as I'd had a long day at work, but The Boy was very enamoured with his bear hat worn to for his Bear Hunt dinner.)

122. Engineer (After school fun with a Meccano-esque bargain buy; 48p from Morrison's!)

123. Splash (On the way up to Manchester for Blog On Mosi, we stopped in Stafford and found a wonderful park next to the river. With a playground, sandpit and water play area, The Boy was in his element!)

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  1. says

    love the found it picture – we had our first geocache experience recently, and I was just as thrilled with our discovery! The upside down picture is great.

  2. says

    Oh Blog On, I hope it was great. I really wanted to go a while back then ran out of time. Fabulous photos of The Boy, love the concentrating ones! Upside down on the climbing frame and the splashing are great too though!

  3. says

    that water picture is great, from the pure joy on his face to the clarity of the water droplets, I really love it. The upside down pic is different, and the den is a great way to chillax.

  4. says

    I love his reading face lol. I help out at my boys school with reading and my favourite thing is all the reading faces – they concentrate so hard 🙂

  5. says

    He looks so much like you in his concentrating photo – the real you, not the blue and green avi you obviously. I love how you have captured every water droplet in the last photo – brilliant capture. Enjoy BlogOnMOSI and give Laura a big squeeze for me. Wish I could be there

  6. says

    lovely collection of photos this week and i dont think the bear hunt hat wearing one is boring at all as he looked very handsome and happy in it!
    the upside down one is great but i think my fav has to be the final one if him covered in water! fab capture x

  7. says

    Love the peekaboo close up 🙂 I'm enjoying all your photos from blogonmosi and am feeling like I am missing out because I've not signed up to any conferences this year. Maybe next year I'll find more time for recreational blogging!

  8. says

    Excellent work on the Geocaching. We've never tried it and I'm sure we'd fail if we tried. The concentration on the Engineer photo is brilliant…what was it?

  9. says

    Love the water capture in the bottom picture. What a bargain for the meccano (ish) stuff. Looks good for fine motor skills practice.

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