Otterbox iPad Mini Case (Review)

We recently expanded our 'tablet family' with an iPad Mini, and while I thought that it was something that I could keep for myself rather than sharing with The Boy, he has very firmly developed a preference for it. I suspect it's based on the size and manageability of it; in comparison to the iPad 3 it's two inches smaller and easier for a child to use.

When this became apparent, I realised that we'd need a safe and strong case for it, in order to protect it from bumps and scrapes which are bound to happen. We were offered the Otterbox case to review and were eager to put it through its paces.

iPad Mini case

The award-winning Otterbox Defender Series case for the iPad Mini comes in two halves. The main case which encompasses the iPad Mini has an inner shell made from impact-resistant polycarbonate that protects the iPad Mini from scuffs and scrapes, this snaps around the tablet easily. There is then a rubberised and rugged slipcover to absorb impact from drops while the textured exterior provides added grip. It makes it very easy to keep hold of, and neither The Boy or I have dropped it or had it slip from a surface. The second part to the case is a screen cover which acts as a protective cover to the front or back of the case and doubles as a kickstand for typing or viewing. This is a hard plastic casing, which we don't tend to keep on to be honest as it makes the iPad difficult to handle.

We've used the Otterbox for around a month or so now without taking it off. It's been on holiday with us and I've felt happy to have it in the rucksack when we go out and about, or in my handbag. The Boy has used it in the garden and we even took it out to the nature reserve where it became a little muddy and dirty as The Boy typed up a story and took photographs with it.

iPad Mini Case

Generally I'm really impressed with the Otterbox Defender case, however it is not a waterproof case and that is something that worries me, especially when I have a nearly five year old son who can have accidents with drinks. The charging port, speakers, microphone and camera lens are not covered by the case, which would make it easy for liquid or dust to enter and damage the tablet. The website and item description does clearly state that it is not a waterproof case, that it is mainly designed for protection against knocks and the likes. However for me this is a stumbling block which means we have to be overly careful unlike with the Lifeproof cases which both my husband and I have on our mobile phones (completely waterproof; he's hosed mud from his and I accidentally dropped mine in a sink of water), or the Griffin Survivor cases (waterproof and drop-proof) which we use in school with the infants' iPads.

At £49.99 it's a fairly standard price to pay for a protective case for an expensive tablet (less than the Lifeproof, but more than the Griffin). It is a good case for protecting against knocks and drops, but if resistance to water or liquids is important, this might not be for you.

I was sent this product for the purpose of this review, my opinion is honest and unbiased. 

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  1. says

    I'd say spilling drinks on a tablet is the second biggest worry for parents, after dropping and smashing it. Looks a smart cover. I'm looking for one for my son's android tablet at the moment.

  2. says

    I don't think the waterproof bit would have even occurred to me had I not read this review! What a good point! We are buying my eldest a tablet for his birthday so I'll have to bare that in mind when I start looking for cases etc.

  3. says

    I'm mean I don't let my youngest two go on the iPad mini, only the old iPad 1! lol. I let my eldest sometimes, but no drinks near it. I don't even have any protective case on it at all so that definitely looks good to me as it would be an improvement!

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