Days 103 – 109 of Project 365

Days 103 - 109 of Project 365

103. Greenfingers (A quick gardening session before we left for our holiday for the week, if we didn't get those seeds in last weekend they weren't going to happen at all! Fabulous to see The Boy writing voluntarily and with enthusiasm.)

104. Swoooooosh! (Thank God that Butlin's had reinstated their original safety regulations and that The Boy could go down the helter-skelter with daddy, because he'd been talking about it for weeks!)

105. Up He Goes! (Would it be a week of ours without a tree-climbing photo? We popped next door to Hotham Park and had a wonderful hour or two exploring the adventure playground and the best nature has to offer.)

106. A Big Bear Hug (We had a character breakfast with Billy and Betty Bears this morning in Papa John's Italian restaurant, excellent quality! When the two bears came out and came to hug the children, they were overjoyed, and they were then invited to take part in a celebration dance around the restaurant playing instruments. Both The Boy and his cousin loved it!)

107. Learning From The Master (Having enjoyed the circus skills class with the Skyline Gang last year, it was the first activity that we booked for The Boy and his cousin this year. He loved learning how to do all of the different skills with them, but the guy who plays Dude is the most attentive in my opinion and really helped him master the diablo.)

108. In Training (All week The Boy had been begging to go on these, and so on our last morning he and Mr. TBaM patiently waited thirty minutes for their turn. I'm not sure who was more in their element, but look at his little face!)

109. Test Drive (We had grand plans to go to Legoland today. Unfortunately, so did everyone else in Great Britain! It took us forty-five minutes to park after a twenty-five minutes unnecessary detour, and then once inside we discovered there were no Q-Bots left and nearly every ride had a 75 minutes waiting time on it. Luckily, we managed to pacify The Boy with two rides which only had half an hour long queues, a play in the Duplo Valley and examination of MiniLand. We then upgraded to Annual Passes with the promise that we'd be back in a few weeks. I am convinced there was around 8,000 people in the theme park, about 2,000 too many!)

Butlin's Ambassador 2014

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  1. says

    some brilliant pictures here – but the helter skelter one is my favourite, a beautiful action shot! Looks like a wonderful week away!

  2. says

    Adore the picture of him coming down the helter skelter with his dad – mine refused to go on it and I was disappointed not to get on any fairground rides myself!

  3. says

    Ahhh his face is a picture coming down the helter skelter. Pure delight!! 🙂 and wow at the numbers at Lego land. I wouldn't have known if I was coming or going.

  4. says

    Looks like you had a great time at Butins – I love The Boy's face when he finally managed to get into the car 🙂

    Sorry to hear Legoland was so busy – I think we all got rather spoiled last year with those golden wristbands didn't we? 😉

  5. says

    Sounds like you've had the most wonderful week and what glorious weather too. I adore the helter skelter shot, just brilliant! Thank you so much for linking me up, so appreciated 🙂

  6. says

    This all looks very familiar! Glad you had a great time – don't know how you found the time to visit anywhere else though, we were dragged around the fairground everyday!

  7. says

    Love the helter skelter photo. Bigger Miss is off on a big brownie weekend next weekend to Butlins. Legoland can be fab and we've never paid extra for qbots (always thought they seemed a bit of a ripoff!) The trick is to arrive early , head straight to the opposite side of the park, leave late and rush round the biggies at the end when there's hardly any queues and just potter round miniland and ffestiniog shows and stuff in the middle!

  8. says

    i have enjoyed seeing your Butlins photos this week and you lways look like you have had just the *best* time and what amazing weatehr you had (yay!)
    I love the boys face on the helter skelter (and daddy's too) and in the racing car – his face is a picture x

  9. says

    Wonderful photos of what looks like an amazing week! Like everyone else, the helterskelter photo is my favourite but I love how happy he looks in all of them. Sorry Legoland wasn't as expected, but hopefully next time will be better.

  10. says

    he seems to have had a fab week, expanding on skills previously learnt. Both their faces on the car make it well worth the price and the wait.
    As for legoland, its a bit like our local area, over subscribed when the sun shines and best avoided.
    He looks very confident up the tree, Bob struggles with tree climbing.

  11. says

    Butlins is the best for kids. The helter skelter is so much fun. It's great that some staff seem to have a natural ability to teach and guide children.

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