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After school this evening I rolled out The Boy's play rug on the patio and handed him his pot of toy cars and box of Playmobil people.

Children's Play Rugs

We spent a happy half hour driving the cars around the road system, crossing the roads safely on the pedestrian crossings and brushing ants away from the double decker bus. It's a mat that I bought a few years ago from a nearly new sale and has been the source of many hours of fun ever since.

We'll soon be having a rearrange in the sleeping arrangements in our house as we move The Boy from his nursery bedroom to the spare room, which is significantly bigger. It will be fabulous to have a bedroom which he can keep his toys in and play with them when he wants a bit of time out, let's face it we all need our own space to relax in.

I've got big plans for The Boy's new bedroom. At present his bedroom is painted to resemble a grassy landscape with a tree mural over his bed. The new bedroom I think will have a wall painted that starts with the sea, passes up through a country landscape and up into space with rockets and comets zooming around the stars and planets, especially The Boy's favourite planet, Saturn.

It's quite a mammoth task because we're currently using the room as a dumping ground and it scares me quite a lot. We need to rehouse everything dumped in it, paint over the scarlet walls, and cover the beautifully stripped and varnished floorboards with a carpet. New furniture needs to be researched and bought; a high bed with a play area underneath, new wardrobe, chest of drawers, curtains, play rug, etc. The list goes on and on.

While the room is bigger than his current room, it's still not massive and so everything in it will need to have a function. There won't be a huge amount of need for a colourful mat as the mural will be the focal point, however I do think that having an activity rug which can also be used to generate play ideas is something worthwhile in children's bedrooms. The range of rugs available is expanding all the time, with urban and country scenes, as well as others such as race tracks and there are plenty of different ideas about rug styles and how to get the best effect in children’s bedroom. Some serious research is needed and I particularly like this board game rug from www.rugretailer.co.uk as The Boy is obsessed with games that require moving along a path from start to finish.

First things first though, we need to find a new place for all the junk in the room. Does anyone have a spare room I can borrow?

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