Four 'Eggcellent' Easter Crafts & Activities

It’s official; Easter is just around the corner and the web is awash with brilliant children crafting and home-made game ideas for you to try over the holidays.

Here’s a round-up of favourites for you to try yourself:

Cardboard toilet roll bunnies

There are always fun ways to use an empty toilet roll tube, and cute toilet roll bunnies are a great way to craft and recycle at the same time. All you need is some pastel paints, PVA glue, a marker pen (for the face), some googly eyes (for fun stick-on eyes), and wooden lolly pop sticks (for the ears).

First, take the cardboard tube and paint in the colour of your choice. Paint the lollipop sticks in the same colour. Wait for the paint to completely dry. Then glue the lollipop sticks inside the cardboard tube so they are sticking out the top like ears. Then simply draw on the facial details (don’t forget whiskers) and add your googly eyes!

Mix and match egg sorting game

Try a problem solving activity with this colour sorting task. Take a collection of different coloured plastic egg halves (similar to the eggs you find in Kinder eggs, available from eBay or craft shops) and place them in a tray or on the table. Next, produce cards which detail different colour combinations (i.e., purple top, blue bottom or yellow bottom, green top) and give these to your youngster. They can now lay them out and work through, recreating the drawings.

As a follow on task, you could use these to play a numeracy game in a classic Easter egg hunt around the house or garden. A great alternative to hunting down chocolate treats.

Fingerprint bunnies and chicks Easter card

If you want to make a sweet and simple Easter card this spring, all you need is some white card, bright finger paints (orange and yellow would be appropriate) and a black marker pen. Your children are then going to use their fingertips to print the bodies of chicks (hence the yellow) in a row, before adding a mummy hen, using a larger print with their thumb (in orange). Once the paint is dry, add eyes, a beak and feet using a black marker pen and add an Easter message inside and out. So simple.

Oversized Easter eggs hanging decorations

Cutting and sticking might be messy, but it’s an easy way to allow your children to have fun and be creative. These hanging Easter egg decorations will keep your little ones occupied for a while and give them the freedom to create their own masterpiece. All they need is a ready cut large Easter egg shape (in a firm card), a pot of PVA glue and brushes/glue spreader and lots of different coloured papers, fabrics and foils. Encourage them to create patterns or depict a Spring scene on their egg.

When dry, hole punch the top of the egg and hang as a decoration with string.


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