Days 82 – 88 of Project 36

Days 82-88 of Project 365

82. Mr. Letter-Writer (After supporting Johnson Babies with her Sport Relief Zumba flash mob in Barry Island, we called in to Dyffryn Gardens for a breath of fresh air. Inside one of the rooms, they had an old type writer which children were encouraged to type up messages of why they love the place. The Boy was fascinated and his effort is over on my Country Kids post for this week.)

83. Dribble (This photo wasn't picked for the craft item, nor for the look of concentration while he examines the dried glue on his thumb. Nope, I chose it because he's completely oblivious to the big dollop of glue pouring from the spatula in his left hand.)

84. Tentative (This was the night that I was beginning to dread, the night that for the past two weeks had seen much vomit or ridiculously high temperatures. I barely slept that night for worry that something was going to hit him halfway through the night!)

85. Concentration (Hoorah! We passed the mid-week mark without any illness at all! And celebrated with a little Hama bead work from a review set he'd been sent.)

86. Imaginations (This is The Boy's first own LEGO model, designed and made completely by himself. And so it begins…)

87. Boo! Hiss! (Getting the nasty old homework out of the way before the fun of the weekend begins. I know I complained in October that he was having nothing, but five pieces of homework a week does seem a bit much for a 4.5 year old really!)

88. LEGO Mad (We had to go to town today for a few things and ended up in the LEGO store. The Boy was over the moon to spend a very happy thirty minutes making a model, and as a result we bought him a box of generic bits and a base board to build onto! Seems the choice of a LEGO party for his fifth birthday might be a good idea!)

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  1. says

    So pleased he made it through the week without being ill. I can relate to that fear and uncertainty – I've been through that lots of time in the past!
    Lego is such a fantastic thing to play with.
    Five pieces of homework a week really is a lot for a child in reception!

  2. says

    Sounds like you've had a good week. Must have been great not to have any sickness too! I love that first photo especially having read your post. I learnt to type on an old typewriter a long long time ago and it's such a personal thing – lovely idea. The Boy looks very pleased with his first Lego efforts, I think a Lego party is definitely on the cards!

  3. says

    Your collection of photos are always so lovely. I particularly love the glue picture, but also the typewriter one, I love old typewriters.

  4. says

    he will have fun with his lego for so many years! my dad actually build boxes with handles to sort the lego in the different colours and its currently sat in the cellar waiting for my boy to grow and start playing with it!

  5. says

    aaahhhhh lego, generations have enjoyed it, and more generations will….welcome to the creeping into his room in the night to check on him and standing on it….lol
    Lots of concentration shots this week, and the tongue in picture 1.
    Thank goodness for a week of no illness.

  6. says

    Loving the Lego modelling. My son gets a jotter of words to write and then make up three sentences, a reading book and math homework for the week and he's doing Primary 3 work at age 6, so that does seem a bit much for the Boy to be getting. Maybe they can see he's ahead for his age and want to push him on? Great photos of the week.

  7. says

    he looks more grown up in the photos this week – and his hair has got long again 🙂
    I love the various looks of concentration on his face and maybe some pondering too. look how he is checking out his thumb in the treasure book box photo!!
    i love the look on his face proudly showing off his Lego creation (great pjs too) – it is such a great toy to enjoy all that imagination and experimentation creating so many interesting and new items. This could be the start of a looooong obsession/hobby 🙂

  8. says

    Good old Lego!! Great for imaginative minds. I like the sticky finger picture, reminds me of our Ashley who investigates specks of dust on his fingers!

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