Days 68 – 74 of Project 365

Days 68 - 74 of Project 365

68. Free! (It was a beautiful day in south Wales with temperatures reaching 15°C. So we headed down to the barrage with Mr. TBaM's bike and the tag-along. The Boy absolutely loves cycling with daddy, and he is honestly screaming in glee in this photograph.)

69. Warning (I should have realised when he didn't want to play in the garden that something wasn't quite right with him. A headache all day in school and plenty of sobbing after school meant a rough night and buying a new bottle of calpol.)

70. Ill (The Boy was off school today with a trip to the doctor on the cards; third bout of ear infections this Winter, with tonsillitis added in for 'good' measure. I've not seen him so ill for a long time.)

71. Swish (We managed to do some craft after school using one of the silk painting kitsfollow that we'd bought from Baked By Me. A bargain at £2.00 from £8.99!)

72. 40.5 (Dreadful day and night. Horrendous. I was called out of school early because my mum was so worried about The Boy's temperature, and then that night he spiked at 40.5°C with a fever. It took a full two hours, both nurofen and calpol, a cold flannel, no duvet in the cover, and a fan on full pelt, to get his temperature under 39°C, and for him to manage to attempt sleep. At 2.30am he ended up in our room with me holding him all night for him to be able to sleep.)

73. On The Mend (The Boy was definitely beginning to feel better after the dreadfulness of the night before, we even managed to attempt some craft in the afternoon which resulted in a cheeky look for his lordship.)

74. Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer Do! (The first daisy of the year picked for mummy, I came home from the park that a school-friend's birthday party was held in with a pocket full of them. So pleased to see my little man out and about with a little colour in his cheeks.)

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  1. says

    Poor The Boy…. I dread my kids being poorly, fortunately of which *touches wood* they are not! Neither kid has ever had ear infection as yet, worst has been the chicken pox. I hope he's fighting fit again soon. Loving the photo from the bike ride though!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Ear infections are dreadful, people don't think that they're very serious and of course they're not, but they are so dreadfully painful. We've had another horrendous week, hoping better health is on its way soon.

  2. says

    Gosh that's a seriously scary temperature. He looks so poorly too The Boy too, I do hope he's feeling better now. Those last two photos are just priceless!

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      It was horrendous, I was very close to phoning NHS Direct or an ambulance if I couldn't get it down. We've had another rubbish week but hoping for an improvement soon.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      He bounced back up and then hit even lower again! Looking forward to more daisy moments soon, rather than calpol and nurofen.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thanks, it's been quite heartbreaking. I'm hopeful that his health is back on the way up again now after another dodgy week.

  3. says

    I am so pleased that the boy is much better now. it is just the worse thing when they are so poorly like that 🙁
    I love the bike photo – his face is a picture! I also love how he has framed his face in Fridays photo and today's holding the daisy is very sweet x

  4. says

    Sounds like a rough week but glad to hear the Boy is on the mend again now- the good thing is they seem to grow out of these illnesses. I love that first picture – he does look sooo happy and I am intrigued by the silk painting.

  5. says

    There's nothing worse that worrying about one's little one when they have a high fever. You can see from the expressions on the face how he's been up and down but luckily finally on the mend.

  6. says

    Nice to see the happy craft photo, a relief for you after the night before. Your mum must have been worried to call you out of work, glad he is on the mend. He does seem to enjoy the tag a long, lets hope it gives him an appetite for a bike as an adult.

  7. says

    So glad he is feeling better – that cheeky look when crafting must have been a huge relief. We always try to avoid A&E too. I tried for more outdoor pictures this week as I always love yours – thanks for the inspiration!

  8. says

    Love the new look!!
    Sorry to hear the boy has been poorly, we have had it here too this week.
    I really want his blanket – it's gorgeous and that cheeky smile is infectious!

  9. says

    Someone looked very poorly – poor boy 🙁 Glad he was on the mend by the end of the week! I missed the link up due to being out of the country but managed to get my week done anyway. Loving the new look blog!

  10. says

    Oh dear he really does look poorly in the sleeping picture. So glad to see he is feeling better and I hope he is getting back to his old self now (P.S loving the new look blog!)

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