The Mad Blog Awards 2014

This is a post which I have debated writing for a few weeks now.

I've thrashed it out with friends (both real-life and online), family and peers.

And I have spent the last six months fairly adamant that I wouldn't be putting myself in this situation again, and yet two days before the close of the nominations for the MAD Blog Awards 2014 I find myself writing this post. And it feels a little odd.

For those non-blogging readers amongst you, the MAD Blog Awards are like the Oscars for those in the blogging world. I am incredibly fortunate for the past two years to have been a finalist in the Photography category, and quite frankly considering the calibre of the other finalists it was a very humbling situation to find myself in. I was also very lucky to be a finalist in the Family Fun category, which my great friend Fiona from Coombe Mill won.

It genuinely was amazing to me that so many people would nominate and vote for me, thank you to each and every one of you for that. Due to various, dull and frustrating self-esteem issues that I quite frankly won't bore you with, I'd made the decision not to put myself in the position of not winning again.

And then people nominated me. Not just in one category though…

  • Best School Days blog
  • Best Family Fun blog
  • Best Blog Photography
  • Best Writer
  • Best Craft blog
  • Best Food blog
  • Best Home & Interiors blog
  • Best Family Travel blog
  • Blog of the Year

It's all a bit astounding really. Looking around my living room, I'm not entirely convinced that I deserve a nomination for Home & Interiors though! But thanks!

Which is why I'm writing this post and adding the badge to my blog. I believe the awards are a wonderful celebration of all things blogging, and obviously so do the very generous people who've taken the time to nominate me again this year.

And so this badge is added to my blog to thank those people for taking the time to think of me.

If you're looking for bloggers to nominate, may I be so bold as to suggest the following:

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  1. says

    wow you have been nominated in a lot of categories well done you.
    and thank you so much for putting me in the same league as the very talented Emily – ruddy hell i am not that good but i am very flattered and I am smiling big time. thank youx

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