A Garden Makeover

Pegging the washing on the line for the first time this year, I glanced around the garden and was shocked. Shocked to see how in disrepair various bits of fencing were, how the shed needed a wood treatment, the amount of weeds that had swamped the flowerbeds over the Autumn and Winter. The bench seats need sanding and varnishing, the hanging baskets need replacing, the bushes need trimming, the bamboo needs hacking down to allow new growth.

I love the promise of Spring, the promise of outdoor play, sunshine and laughter, picnics and barbecues. However with all of that brings the realisation of how much work is needed in a garden to make it look a wonderful haven for a family to play and relax in.

We need to visit a DIY store and buy some fence treatment, we need to find a gardener because my hips can't handle weeding since having The Boy, and we need to find some new pretty and fun things to make the garden look an enticing place to play and stay.

I recently discovered a site called Polyvore which allows users to pull together all the wonderful products that they have found on sites like Out There Interiors, into sets and create a collage of them. This helps to help visualise what a scene might look like. I've been browsing and have found lovely outdoor seats and tables, bamboo plants and bunting, a rug to read books on underneath our twisted willow tree, a beautiful table to set our drinks down on in between ball games.



What would your ideal Spring garden look like?

Produced in collaboration with Out There Interiors

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    I did the same. Pegged the washing out and saw remnants of last summer and 101jobs that need doing. Might take a look for some pretty Spring ideas. Popped over from BlogsRus.

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    I adore out there interiors, I actually have a few things from there! I can't wait for the sun to be out constantly… Is it sad it excites me because it means I can actually put washing outside?

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    This year I am determined to plant flowers and chillies and get a bird house set up. We have some really lovely little birds but ever since we pulled down a big hedge we see them a lot less. I love your bunting, makes it all look very cheery.

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    I don't even have a washing line! In fact, this is such an enigma to my children that when we visited friends at the weekend my eldest spent an hour staring at one and twirling it. Our courtyard garden is devoid of any vegetation (our choice as we seem to kill most things). More like a prison exercise yard than your beautiful shabby chic garden ;0)

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    I love the promise of summer brought by Spring and the smell of fresh cut grass. I'd just love any garden right now as we live in a flat in London without one but one with a patch of grass would be amazing! 🙂

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    Our garden (yard) definitely needs doing as it's still just flat mud and some grass from when we first moved in as it's a new development there is nothing done with it. I dream of flowers in each corner, and little stone paths for the kids to run around on, maybe a corner decking for a love seat for mr p and I to sip wine on at night after the kids are in bed in the summertime glow. Thats my ideal idea although cost a lot of money so might be awhile before I get it! Love your post. Roll on spring and summer for us all! #sharefriday

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    Lovely products there. I've just done the same and looked and realised how much needs doing too! I am going to head and get some bedding plants in the next couple of weeks and do my pots. Our shed and fence needs painting too and maybe this may be the year we extend the patio… or maybe not lol! Enjoy! x

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    I had this same realisation this week. Our fences are awful and certainly could do with painting again. My ideal garden would have a good sized are of grass for the children to play on, with a few fruit plants around the edges. Preferably ones that the dog wouldn't destroy! I hope that you get all your jobs done and your garden as you would like it.

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