What Your Home Design Says About You (Guest Post)

Your home design says a lot about you and your personality. How you choose to decorate your home and what colours you use, reveal a lot about the type of person you are. Individual tastes differ widely and are usually a reflection of your temperament. That’s why it’s important to design your house around what you like, the things you are drawn to. Don’t be talked into furnishing by a pushy salesperson. Browse around large furniture stores with plenty of variety like Super A-Mart and choose things you are personally drawn to.

Here are some clues what your home design might say about you:

The Family Lover

A person who is very family orientated can often be easily picked by the abundance of family memorabilia around the home. You will see lots of photos and family portraits and also ornaments that have sentimental value. This person will usually collect things, perhaps something from each family holiday. Their furnishings will be comfortable and encourage you to spend time lounging around. You will find things like soft inviting couches with lots of cushions in this type of home. Everything in the home will probably have a story attached to it. The house will contain sentimental objects and reminders of the past.

The Greenie

If the wellbeing of the environment is high up on your list of priorities, your home will usually reflect this. You will have lots of energy saving appliances and will use sustainable materials wherever you can. You will most likely favour natural fabrics and furnishings. You may have linen or raw silk cushions and an earthy woven rug. You will usually choose greens and beige for your décor. Your home will make the best possible use of natural light and you will probably have a great outdoor entertainment area because of your love for the outdoors.

The Fashion Queen

If you are a trendsetter your house will usually reflect the latest colours and trends. Your home will probably be stylish and also sophisticated. You will choose elegant furnishings but will also value good design. You will probably have a home cinema. You love shopping at interior design stores and spend money on the latest design magazines.

The Cheerful Soul

If someone surrounds themselves in warm colours they are usually friendly and nurturing by nature. Yellows and oranges hint at sunshine and cosy fires and are very welcoming. Walking into a home decorated in warm colours will give you a feeling of cheerfulness. Warm colours are energising and will stimulate conversation.

Peaceful and Gentle

If your home is surrounded in soft blues and gentle whites it is likely that you are a peaceful and gentle person who sees their home as their sanctuary.

The Conservative

Someone who uses lots of neutral colourings in their home is often conservative. If walls, furniture, kitchen bench-tops and bathroom tiles are all in grey, beige or white, you may well be looking at the home of someone conservative. These colours give a feeling of security and solidity.

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  1. Dessy Anaiwan says

    Great stuff and i also agree with it that your home tells about you . I have light blue color in interior of my home i like calm and coolness so selected this color .

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