Days 47 – 53 of Project 365

Days 47-53 of Project 365

47. Do-You-Think-He-Saw-Us (We went to Dan-yr-Ogof showcaves and dinosaur park today, just north of Swansea. The Boy was intent on trying to read the dinosaur names.)

48. The Adventures of Brush Boy & Hammer Girl (We bought The Boy a mini archaeologist digging set at Dan-yr-Ogof yesterday, he decided I'd do the hammering and he'd do the brushing, hence his names for us. )

49. Eisteddfod (St. David's Day came early to The Boy's school as 1st March falls during half-term next week.)

50. Trump-A-Saurus (We've had dinosaur themed activities this week and in one book there was a set of Top Trumps which The Boy was introduced to, he loved it.)

51. Day and Night (The Boy started to chat to me during dinner about the Earth moving around the sun and then he wanted to know how the sun set when it didn't move. Luckily with his uncle in Australia it makes it easier to explain day and night in context, so I grabbed the globe, a torch and two blobs of Blu-tack to represent us and him. The Boy was fascinated!)

52. Soaring (A sunny after school pick-up meant a trip to the park was on the cards; something we haven't really done in months. It was great to have the fresh air and blue sky, even if it was for only half an hour.)

53. Coombe Mill (This is one I hope to have added by the time this post goes live, but I might have to pop it in later. We've come away to Coombe Mill for a few days with my brother and his family, can't wait for some much-needed relaxation.)

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    So jealous that you are are at Coombe Mill again, I hope that you have a great time. We have been to those caves a few times, love the Welsh costume I know someone here who would approve of that! My favourite photo is on the swing, he looks so lovely in that coat

  2. says

    I love that The Boy was asking you about the sun and the earth – looks like you've got a bright spark there! Would love to go to Coombe Mill one day, have a fab holiday 🙂

  3. says

    those caves looked such good fun from the photos i saw on your IG feed last week. and the boy makes a very cute Welsh boy 🙂
    i hope you enkjoy a fab week at Coombe Mill, the boy will love it even more having his cousin to play with x

  4. says

    First of all wishing Brush Boy and Hammer Girl a fantastic time at Coombe Mill (I'm trying not to be jealous 🙂 ) Love the contrasts of lights in the wonderful globe and swing shots.

  5. says

    Love Day 51. Only this week Little miss was asking about the Earth, sun, day and night, and I was thinking that I wanted to get her a globe so I could shine a torch on it and show her.

    Day 52 is a lovely shot too, it's been a great week for getting outside hasn't it? x

  6. says

    Hope you didn't get too sad when you put the blobs on the globe and got reminded of just how far away Oz is. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing your Coombemill piccies.

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