Winter Sunshine

We love going to the beach at any time of the year, but it's incredibly difficult to find the enthusiasm when it is pouring down, and there's been a terrific amount of precipitation recently! However, last Sunday when the sun made an appearance and reminded us all of how wonderful the Winter sunshine truly is, we set off further down the coast with my brother and his family to explore Ogmore beach.

The main beach was packed but we actually headed around the coastline a few hundred yards to a beach which is a bit tricky to get down to and therefore has less visitors. The point about how tricky (in wet conditions) it is was made when I slipped on the muddy path walking down and ended up with a derriere covered in mud within three minutes of leaving the car!

Winter Sunshine

However once we were down on the beach, the sunshine was warming and the conditions idyllic. We set out our picnic blanket and sat down on the rocks chatting and munching away on pasties and grapes while The Boy and his cousin roamed amongst the rockpools, collecting pebbles and creating some beach art.

Creating Beach Art

As witnessed in many episodes of Doctor Who, this stretch of coastline has a wonderful strata in the cliffs and the beaches are crammed with rockpools galore. The perfect place to find crabs or starfish!

Exploring Rockpools

Ogmore beach is well known for the wonderful array of fossils in the rocks and cliff-face, and under the guidance of my sister-in-law who has been beach schools trained, we all set to the task of finding a variety of fossils. Finding what was once a fish, or a barnacle-like creature, is absolutely amazing and so rewarding; it reminds you of your place in the history of our planet.

Finding Fossils


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  1. says

    What a great beach packed with fantastic fossils and plenty of rock pools to explore. You certainly picked a lovely day for your visit and were rewarded with sunshine – something which has been in short supply recently. Thanks for linking up and sharing your fun with Country Kids.

  2. says

    I hate winter but I love winter sunshine, its like rays of hope that spring is on its way (I sound so miserable don't I? :D) Love the photos, its so beautiful, especially all the rock formations. Slipping on my bum into the mud is completely what would happen to me!

  3. says

    we love going to the beach at this time of the year although not with the mad waves and windy wet weathwer we have been having of late! i do want to go though as we have a party free weekend this one coming i am hopoign to go weather permitting.
    you have taken some glorious photos and what wonderful finds you discovered too x x


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