Days 26 – 32 of Project 365

26-32 of 365

26. Breather (Rubbish day weatherwise and I was nervous about dental surgery the next day so the boys burnt off some energy in the local version of softplay hell! I tried to get the perfect ball-pit photograph, yet 140 photos later it was this one which appealed to me.)

27. Pitter-patter (New photographic challenge: trying to capture raindrops falling, I haven't managed it this time but the patio reflected my mood – flooded. Having had the first bit of dental surgery on Friday (to correct various screw-ups which have plagued my mouth for around three years), my mouth was aching a lot. Just another droplet in the puddle of bad dentistry I've suffered.)

28. Mummy (The Boy has been enjoying drawing pictures on the easel since we brought it back downstairs last week, today was a picture of mummy. I had two belly buttons though. Either that or he'd drawn my nipples down by my waist, not that far off then!)

29. Book worm (Snuggled down on a cushion, The Boy started exploring his own reading books nestled in his new Tidy Books book caddy – competition to follow this week.)

30. Squint (I struggled with the whole damn project today and desperately wanted to just stop. However, the good folk of the 365 Facebook group buoyed me back up again and this is my scrumpybum boy after his bath. This is the day I realised he really needed his hair cut.)

31. 恭禧發財 (Bring on the year of the horse.)

32. Fresh (No editing, just my beautiful boy enjoying a gale force wind on the beach.)

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  1. says

    A lovely varied collection. The puddle shot certainly sums up the entire weeks weather as does the windy hat pic!
    Love the pic of his feet in the ball pit, taking a rest for 2 secs before running again I imagine! x

  2. says

    Love Chinese New Year and this was the first year of doing itv properly at work – good old Reception! Love the rain pic, rather tranquil although the rain is tedious now.

  3. says

    I'm so sorry to hear about your dentistry. I have suffered a fair bit in the past as you know, so I have an idea of how you feel. I'm amazed that you've got this far before having a day of struggling with the project. You do a fantastic job of keeping the linky going for the rest of us, as well as commenting and doing your own fabulous 365. I adore the last photo of The Boy. So natural and he looks so happy.

  4. says

    Well dental surgery sounds like it was pretty crap…glad you were cheered up a bit to take such a fantastic photo…shows your natural skill hon! We are getting the wee man an easel for his birthday and I really hope he likes it. That first photo is a gem and I can see why you chose it…captures the soft play chaos well.

  5. says

    I hope you're feeling better, what a week! Absolutely love that last photo of The Boy on the beach and the bath one is adorable. Like you I'm desperate to get raindrops falling into a puddle – ideally forming a perfect circle! Aim high 🙂

  6. says

    i love that first photo of just his feet! and well done for finding a photo on Thursday after feeling so rubbish. i really like todays photo showing the boy all fresh faced and yet wrapped up well in that cosy looking hood. needed for today its been so cold and wet again 🙁 boooo x

  7. says

    Your last photo is beautiful. Hope you are on the mend, my friend had surgery on her wisdom teeth this past month and lost a ton of weight, we jokingly call it her dentist diet lol

  8. says

    I love the first one although I hate those places with a passion.
    My favourite is definitely the last one – what a stunningly beautiful boy you have.
    Rain is so difficult to capture I find – have tried so many times.

  9. says

    I'm absolutely loving the puddle shot.
    Something I'm unable to capture on my phone camera and it sums up the blooming horrid week for me too.

    Here's hoping your almost pain free and it will and the next lot of treatment is the last for a very long time

  10. says

    I love your ball pit photo. I know what you mean about taking a ton of pictures and only getting a few that you like! Some days are like that.

    I really enjoyed your rain picture as well. I love all the little circles where the rain had fallen.

  11. says

    I agree that angle in the ball pit is awesome. I've also totally failed in the raindrop challenge but I refuse to give up. That beach does look (fresh) and the boy looks lovely

  12. says

    I have visions of everybody sitting in waterproof clothing in the peeing rain for the next week trying to capture a rain drop in a puddle.
    The Boy on the beach is a great picture.
    I think reading is an amazing skill and one to be nurtured, I always felt so proud when they went off and took a real interest in reading books themselves, sadly another step on the way to maturity.

  13. says

    Haha, your soft play one is perfect!
    Also loving your raindrop shot, it may not be what you were going for but I think it's great!
    Another lovely set of pictures – I'm glad you didn't give up 🙂 x

  14. says

    Such beautiful photos again. That first photo is funny but I love the towel photo, he looks so sweet. Nice to see that you have managed to get out and about in spite of the incessant rain.

  15. says

    A gorgeous set of photos. The raindrop one would have summed up our week well! Roll on Spring. Hope you are recovering from your dental treatment now, poor you!

  16. says

    Lovely photos. I like the one of your boy at the easel about to write or draw. A little left handed boy? It's only my second week linking up and I found it a definite challenge to take a picture every day. Fun though, I'm going to keep trying 🙂 xx

  17. says

    What an up and down week you had. Hope your mouth is healing as it should now.
    I saw your tweet – enticing us to see what you looked like – I fell for it too!!
    So sorry your Mojo upped and left this week, although sad it's also good to know that our esteemed leader also hits the skids at times 🙂
    I felt much the same this week, bored with home pictures, bored with wet hedgerows, unable to find any impetus to continue. But I'm determined to stick at it. 🙂
    The picture of The Boy with his deerstalker hat is my favourite this week.

  18. says

    Fed up of the naff weather.

    The final picture is so perfect and so natural. I also adore the photo of him and monkey reading. The girls will often be found in their book corner reading.

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