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19. Silhouette #1 (The most glorious day in weeks and we met up with my brother, sister-in-law and their daughter further along the coastline to spend the afternoon at Ogmore Beach fossil hunting. We even had a picnic on the rocks with a blazing sun overheard and minimal breeze to drop the temperature.)

20. Silhouette #2 (An after school trip down to the nature reserve to feed the swans, and the sunset cast an impressive backdrop.)

21. Scarecrow (The Boy was very keen to do some painting, specifically mixing brown. Once he'd not quite managed to do that, he decided to paint a scarecrow. I'm not entirely sure that this is a particularly effective scarecrow, but hey-ho!)

22. Froggy Legs (The Boy has brought home spellings for each week, his school uses the 'Look, Cover, Write, Check' method which he seems very happy with and he was keen to make a start on them.)

23. Numicon (I've borrowed a maths resource from school which The Boy absolutely loves. Numicon helps to develop number bonds, counting and adding skills. If anyone is looking for something like this for their child then, while pricey, I'd really recommend it.)

24. Maestro (I had to go to the dental hospital today for a root extraction from a botched molar extraction 16 months ago; they snapped off the fourth root but as most molars only have three they didn't think to check for a fourth. By the time I'd arrived home I wasn't fit for much but managed to sneak a picture of The Boy playing on the piano before bedtime.)

25. Mad Science (We finally managed to have a go this afternoon at a science activity that I've wanted to try for ages, more on the blog next week!)

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  1. says

    Look at his face whilst writing!! He seems to thriving at school yes? Numicon is great and one of those resources you find in school stashed away on shelves completely under used. *shakes head*

  2. says

    Your silhouette picture is fantastic! We were just saying today it's so nice that the days are getting longer again. Is this your last visit to the dentist for a while? Good news if it is!

  3. says

    Beautiful as always. He is very focused on his activities. Looking forward to hear about mad science. What's wrong with the scarecrow? Teehee I'm all about process rather than outcome 🙂

  4. says

    Love the silhouette pictures – especially the swans (so brave!) That number thing looks good and your science pics remind me we need to do some of Bigger Miss's science kit she got for Christmas

  5. says

    The feeding the swan photo is gorgeous! And I love how you've shown with the photos all the different sides of the boy – an artist, a mathematician, a scientist and even a musician!

  6. says

    Those first two pictures are stunning! Very jealous that you've managed an outdoor picnic already!
    Looking forward to hearing more about your science experiment too, looks fun! x

  7. says

    Your little scientist looks do cute in those goggles. Love both the silhouette photos but you know I'm a sucker for them! Hope you are feeling better and well rid if that fourth root! X

  8. says

    Wow, the boy always has such interesting activities to get up to.

    Love the sun/silhouette photos. Photos always seem so hopeful and happy when the suns behind the subject

  9. says

    Yipes! That molar incident sounds painful! But your picture for the day was awesome. I especially like the pic of your boy and the swans.

  10. says

    beautiful photos as always – i especlally love the first two with the sunlight streaming through and the water.
    bit of a bugger about your trip to the dentist eeeek but well done as i know how of an ordeal it is for you x

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