How To Make Birthday Bunting

I'm quite a big fan of bunting (I made 50 metres of Very Hungry Caterpillar bunting for The Boy's first birthday party) and like to use it at any opportunity. Fabric bunting looks wonderful fluttering in the breeze in the garden, and paper or card banners or bunting can brighten walls and help decorate a house for any party.

For my nephew's eighth birthday I decided to make him some bunting to help celebrate at his birthday tea party, and having read an article on BlogHer about the death of triangular bunting, I thought that it would be fun to create an alternative birthday banner.

Cracking open my trusty Cricut Mini, I used the 'Life's a Party' cartridge to create two different coloured birthday cake 'flags' for the banner. I also used the craft room basics cartridge (which is free with the Cricut Mini) to create a relief letter on each 'flag' of the bunting, gluing the alternate colour behind the cut-out to make the lettering stand out more.

Birthday Cake Bunting

I used a hole punch to create a hole for the ribbon to thread through, and taped that it into place so that the flags wouldn't slide along when pinned into place.

Of course this bunting is possible without a Cricut Mini (which is an amazing tool to have and is currently reduced in price to £99.99) but the Cricut makes it a damn sight easier! It's a very funky little machine which cuts patterns sent over from the 'craft room' software on a laptop. I don't intend to buy any cards this year, I'm going to make them.

And bunting.

Lots of bunting.

But definitely not triangular shaped.

I was sent the Cricut Mini in order to get creative and share my ideas, which are all my own.

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