The Best Playground (Country Kids)

Considering what an advocate of outdoor play I am, I've found it increasingly difficult since The Boy started school to get out and about more than once or twice a week on a school day. When he comes home from school he's utterly exhausted and collapses on the sofa for half an hour or so, vegetating in front of the television while chomping down on a snack. Invariably by the time he's recovered enough to do anything it's pitch-black outside.

I must try harder next half-term.

However, while we have managed to get down to the nature reserve to feed the swans once a week or popped to a park, we seem to have neglected the best playground around; our back garden. With a climbing frame and slide set, plus a swing, there's really not much more he needs to create some fun and games in his own time. Therefore on Christmas Eve morning, when things were becoming a little fraught in the house, I sent The Boy out with Mr. TBaM to rediscover how easy it is to get 15 minutes outdoors a day.

The Best Playground

Watching him through the kitchen window as I made our Christmas cake, it struck me how more physically aware and confident he is than six months ago when he first had the climbing frame. The Boy now scampers up the side of the frame easily and balances at the top with no problem. The swing seems to have become a challenge for him; how many acrobatic moves can he perform on it? Standing on it gave me a few palpitations, and then I saw him jump off the seat…

He ended the play with an attempt at flying. Because he's four and if he wants to believe he can then I'm not one to stop him!

country kidsOutdoor play party

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    I love that you can still get him to wear overalls to play outdoors. I do wish they would become the height of fashion, it would cut my wash loads so much! Garden play equipment is perfect for a little fresh air and a great chance to finish a cake! Ours had a trampoline for Christmas and have already bounced for hours coming in with endless soggy clothes. Thanks for sharing the importance of some simple outdoor time.

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    It is hard with these extra short days isn't it. It seems to feel like bed time before you know it. I'm glad the days will start getting longer again now. The Boy looks like a proper little pro on that frame, especially in the pic where he's jumping off the swing 🙂

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    Wait till he starts jumping off surfaces with a cape to see if he can fly! My sisters littlest had lots of "fun" attempting that one! Always wished we had a back garden space so the wee man could get that little bit of fresh air easily everyday. The Nonni have a balcony here which even that is great to blow the cobwebs away for a bit.

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    I'm not surprised how tired he is with all that he is learning – but you already know how impressed I am with his development. It is lovely to see, and now the outdoors side too.

    Have to admit our outdoor activity isn't what it should be at the moment either.

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    Lovely post & it's amazing to see how much he has grown this year by the length of his snowsuit! Thanks for your support & hope 2014 is a great year for you all xxxx

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    I always love your swan pictures & no what you mean about how tired they are after school. He's such a cutie & a confident climber. Happy new year to you both x

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    i would not be too hard on yourself about the after school outdoor play i think at this time of year it is harder especially with homework aswell, and they do play outside at break times dont they? I think as long as you still get out at the weekend then thats ok 🙂
    these are wonderful photos – looks like he had a lot of fun x

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