Days 335 – 341 of Project 365

Days 335-341 of Project 365

335. Poser (Today saw our local pier pavilion re-open after extensive building work to renovate it, mostly funded by local people and organisations, along with a National Lottery grant. We went down for the opening and also a charge around in the brisk, Winter air before heading off to a classmate's party.)

336. Poet Laureate (After school The Boy picked up the notebook that he'd had in the party bag the previous day and started writing in it. I love that he loves to write, and that he's started making little notes. I look forward to the day when I find a book full of made up stories.)

337. Big Moment (The Boy always puts the star on top of the tree, and I always have to correct it afterwards; it's a heavy star that goes on a spindly 'twig'. I love the look of anxiety on his face!)

338. Bed Fellows ('Puntsey' has been a regular bed companion since Children In Need, Oliver Monkey doesn't mind as it means they can share watch duties alongside having plenty of cuddles from The Boy.)

339. Bird Man (We went to feed the swans after school; it was just as well we did because they were starving! The minute we slammed the door shut in the car park, they were clambering up the ramp. We got to the entry gate and they were standing there waiting for us! I deposited The Boy on the boardwalk as it forced the swans back into the water to be fed.)

340. Double (I set up a free craft table after school for The Boy and let him create freely. I adore his double chin in this photograph!)

341. Plees (We went to Dyffryn Gardens today to enjoy the Christmas craft fair; the first to be held there in over two decades. I used to go regularly as a child and it's a special venue to hold one. There was a table set up to write letters to Father Christmas, so The Boy sat down and wrote one all by himself.)

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  1. says

    So many of your photos at the moment would look amazing in a frame, that first photo is really really beautiful! He is so brave with those swans, A is terrified of them and would never get that close

  2. says

    awww that first photo is lovely he looks so cheeky with his tongue out and legs up in the air behind him.
    its funny how he can look quite grown up in that first photo and then looks so young in the star one!
    Great letter writing in the notebook and the letter to FC x

  3. says

    Never could I have believed that adore and double chin could be used in the same sentence but you are so right. The pier pic may be posed but it's adorable

  4. says

    I adore the first picture on the bench – that is one to print and frame!
    Very impressed the boy wrote his very own letter to Santa – what did he ask for?

  5. says

    That first photo is so lovely! Wee Z used to write love notes to one of the girls in his nursery class. Now he just writes stories involving the magic key from those Biff and Chip books.

  6. says

    Oh that first pic is lovely!!

    The swans and ducks do seem to be hungry…we went to feed them and they were surrounding the car before we had even got out (we can park by the lake)

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