Win a Pink Lining Mini Yummy Mummy Bag (Blogoversary Giveaway #2)

I've got a little infatuation with bags, and Pink Lining bags are one of my favourites; stylish and practical, I can always fit in everything I need. The Boy is developing a bit of a liking for them too with a lunch bag and satchel to add to our collection.

Pink Lining were eager to help celebrate three years of TheBoyandMe, and have offered a wonderful Mini Yummy Mummy bag worth £39.00 as a prize to one reader.

The Mini Yummy Mummy bag comes with a fold-up changing mat, zip front pocket for keys, money and phone as well as a back pocket and dividing pouches inside. The bag also now comes with an adjustable shoulder strap that is long enough to fit over most pram/buggy handle bars. Internal Features: 2x small pouches, a fold up padded travel changing mat and a small zip pocket.

One lucky reader will be able to choose their prize from the three designs; Bumble Bees and Stardust, Cream Bows on Peppermint, or Purple Dragonflies.

pink lining competition

To be in with a chance of winning this prize, please complete the Rafflecopter form below

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  1. Tracy Nixon says

    I keep a little sewing kits in my bag – it has a needle, some threads, small scissors, spare buttons, safety pins!

  2. Charlotte Fielder says

    At the moment, the oddest thin I have in my handbag is sunglasses. They're not getting much use at the moment!!

  3. TracyJo says

    A little bottle of minnie mouse bubbles, my granddaughter is obsessed with them and they keep her happy when ever we go out anywhere so I always keep some in my handbag x

  4. Rebecca Maddocks says

    A mini bell. I was given it by a community support officer to attach to my purse to help prevent robberies as the local shopping centre had had a few incidents. I never got round to putting it on and it's rattling around the bottom of my bag.

  5. Emily Jayne Phipps says

    I've just had a look in my bag – and the weirdest thing is probably a protractor. I must have picked it up cleaning my step daughters stuff up and popped it in my bag to carry upstairs – seems its lived there for a while! Oooops 🙂

  6. Somethingblue_2 says

    A sample bottle! (Clean & empty I hasten to add!) Being pregnant & having to be seen at least once a fortnight means I often need to produce one!!

  7. says

    I have all kinds of random stuff in there, new pack of toothbrush and toothpaste in there at the moment, one of the kids red books etc..

  8. Lauren Pilkington says

    a pebble with a shell fused to it that my son found in the summer on the beach and i never took it out haha

  9. says

    This is hard my bag is full of all sorts. Sweets, chocolates, nappies, wipes, toys, loose change, what looks like a years worth of receipts! All I would say are normal items for a busy mum!

  10. Caroline H says

    I usually have something random so I've just had a look and today's is a spare part for the washing machine.

  11. Lucy Tyler says

    I keep a little bottle of mouthspray in my bag, you never know when something you eat out and about will leave an icky taste.

  12. Amy says

    A full toilet roll! I'm 36 weeks pregnant so going to the toilet is happening more than frequently, so I like to be prepared in case there's no loo roll!

  13. Vicki Harper-Ward says

    A surprising number of breast pads…all put in there when my baby was little and I'm too lazy to now take them out, I do occasionally use them for wiping up spills…people think it's weird lol!

  14. Holly Smith says

    a Vegetable Peeler, about 6 months ago my local supermarket was handing them out for free, I totally forgot about it until I just looked in my handbag!

  15. Hilda Hazel Wright says

    a ballbearing. its 'supposedly' a 'lucky ballbearing' given to me by my Dad! I'm not a believer in lucky objects and nor is he, but it was just funny and I've kept it ever since.

  16. Keri Jones says

    I found my sons baby monitor in my bag the other day. My hubby said he had to hide it from our son & thought that was the best place :/

  17. Debbie Burfoot says

    today i went through my bag and got seriously laughed at by my kids..I had 22 pens at the bottom..No wonder we can never find one..whoops

  18. angela wilkinson says

    A huge collection of receipts and old bus tickets which are far past being of any use. probably need to clear it out more often. lol.xx

  19. Hazel Christopher says

    A spare pair of kids socks, my son is always jumping in puddles and so I take socks with me everywhere cause I hate the thought of him having wet feet.

  20. Ann Weir says

    I had a bit of a clearout a few weeks ago in my bag but found all sorts from elastic bands, tissues, and I was even beyond excited to find a £10 note!

  21. Kristy smith says

    Nothing strange really I don't think some tissues lots of empty wrappers lip balm maternity notes toys and screwed up receipts.

  22. Ailsa says

    I have all the usual stuff mums have like wipes, toys, chocolate. The most unusual is probably tea bags along with a mug and teaspoon for work as I hot-desk as a part-timer.

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