Win a Leapfrog Prize Bundle (Blogoversary Giveaway #1)

I'm very fortunate to be a Leapfrog Blogger Panel member this year, which means not only do we get sent new products to review every so often, but that they were more than happy to help celebrate three years of TheBoyandMe by donating some prizes for a giveaway.

This bundle worth nearly £60.00 consists of:

  • a Read With Me Scout or Violet (winner chooses either one) RRP £29.99
  • a Creativity Camera (for use with iPhone or iPod Touch) RRP £14.99
  • a Learn To Write With Mr. Pencil (for use with iPads, iPhones or iPods) RRP £14.99

Leapfrog competition

To be in with a chance of winning this prize bundle, fill in the Rafflecopter form below.

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  1. says

    That's hard! I think we'll be getting D a scooter this year (he's three and a half) but he's telling me that he wants a fast car. So maybe something like Tracy suggested up there!

  2. TracyJo says

    My youngest grandson is 4 and I have bought him a toy garage and some Lego, though the Lego is to share with all 3 of the boys

  3. belinda porter says

    the toot toot garage or railway I bought my granddaughter the garage and she loves it and her older siblings play with it too so I have bought the railway for christmas

  4. claire willmer says

    My eldest little girl is 4 and at the top of her list was a Bike with all the trimmings lol the leappads look great too all as main presents but for little ones we are going to be getting some family fun games like operation 🙂

  5. Caroline Clarke says

    Thomas the Tank toys. Race cars. Remote controlled car. Chuggington Stackable Trains. LeapPad Ultra. Read Me Scout in Green.

  6. Sarah Mcknight says

    I have a 3 year old and i have no idea what to get her. I would get him a innotab, i would get my daughter one but she already has a leappad.

  7. says

    I have one turning 4 next week and I am buying him the thomas trains he wants (stephen from king of the railway etc), construction toys, he is having a large rocket playset too, and some other bits

  8. Stephen Scott says

    My eldest is 4 this christmas, we're getting him lots of craft toys. he loves sticking stuff together and making things.

  9. Vicki Harper-Ward says

    Something that makes a loud noise, drums, guitar or some other musical instrument, learning a skill as well as fun!

  10. says

    My nephew was 4 last year and I bought him a wooden tool set and he loved it … now suddenly he's into wrestling like his older Brother and his Bob the Builder impressions are no longer with us! x

  11. Katie Dann says

    My four year old nephew loves trains, we got him another set for his birthday, but have got him a Pirate Ship for Christmas, love a bit of imaginative play 🙂

  12. justine meyer says

    I bought some big plastic drawrs and filled them with all manner of sticking and glueing items, the kids love it and everything has its own place in the drawers with and its easy to pt it all back in.

  13. Helen Porter says

    my oldest son is three but I think there is a big difference between the ages 3 and 4 another year I think a bike, maybe a a leap pad a Thomas train set I think at 4 he will be just the right age for them bits!

  14. Helen S says

    An ideal present for a 4 year old boy is a box of Lego; it is a very versatile toy that utilises the child's imagination, an excellent gift and a recommendation from me!

  15. Mary Withrow says

    It all depends on the childrens needs! this leapfrog is perfect for learning and fun! Books are fantastic and help with imagination along with legos, cars, art supplies, sporting supplies such as a small ball and hoop, t-ball, etc are great for keeping children active and healthy!

  16. sallyb says

    my son who is nearly 4 is using his imagination more and more so I have bought him lots of pretend food/pans/cutlery etc

  17. Katie Hopkins says

    An adventure kit (eg microscope, little spade, magnifying glass etc) so that he could explore the out doors and look for bugs, plants and new creatures that live in the garden.

  18. Ann Weir says

    my son was 4 in august and started school in September, I've bought him lots of crafty items and some games for his leapster 🙂 I've been warned that he has something really noisy from his uncle and auntie!

  19. Anna Emslie says

    Something creative like lego or something educational like a LeapPad to try and develop a skill and lengthen his attention span ready for School.

  20. alison clark says

    My nephew is 4 next year and i would imagine it will be the same as this year? thomas thomas and more thomas tank !!

  21. Claire Appleton says

    My son is 4 and he likes all sorts, especially anything to do with technology he is gaming mad! But Lego is a good choice too, all little boys love Lego 🙂

  22. Samantha Fenn says

    There a set from ELC thats a cork board, tiny nails and a wooden hammer along with some wooden shapes to tac to the board and create various shapes. Cheap but very good.

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