Days 328 – 334 of Project 365

Days 328-334 of Project 365

328. Twelve (It was our twelfth wedding anniversary today, but we weren't in the mood for traipsing around our wedding castle on such a cold and dreary day, so we took a trip over to Cardiff Bay instead and had lunch in Pizza Express followed by bowling. This tongue of The Boy's is ever present at the moment, it's getting a bit ridiculous!)

329. Tongue Twister (We've started to make our Christmas cards and look what made an appearance during a moment of concentration.)

330. Splat (More Christmas cards!)

331. Sucker (I'm not sure who was the biggest sucker this evening at dinner; The Boy with his pasta or if he thought I was. Not a good evening meal with him throwing up after one spoonful of bolognese. He had been determined that he didn't want the bolognese as it would make him sick, but was fine with the spaghetti. The second he had a spoonful of mince he made himself gag and then lo and behold threw up. I was furious with him, and after he'd been cleaned up he was sent to his room for five minutes, before being given the choice of eating his dinner or going to bed hungry. He chose to eat his dinner. I am not a completely horrid mother though, I did remove the bolognese so he had plain pasta.)

332. Tech Expert (I received a promotional Christmas card with a small screen and a motherboard with a nationwide supermarket's Christmas advert on it. When they'd asked me if they could send me a little something for Christmas, this was not what I had in mind. We stripped the card covering off and The Boy investigated the different computer components in it; at least it was useful for something!)

333. A Letter (The Boy came home from school to discover that his magic elf door had opened while I was getting him and someone had left a letter for him. A note from Edward the Elf saying how he'd been looking forward to seeing him again, it was magical to see The Boy remember who Edward was. More magical than that though was seeing The Boy read the entire letter by himself; I was so proud.)

334. Getting Bigger (We met up with my brother and his family at the museum and took part in a ice age workshop making a Christmas card at the end of it. Afterwards we went and had a go one a few rides at the Winter Wonderland which occupies the space in front of the Civic Centre for December. This is the first time that The Boy has gone on a carousel on his own!)

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  1. says

    oh the tongue of concnetration is cute and so him so not to worry at its appearance, its just him
    i love the photos this week – he looks adorable in all of them and its good oyu caught the slurping of the spaghetti before he threw it up! and its lovely that he remembered Edward and well done to him for reading his letter all by himself x x

  2. says

    Z loves spaghetti but with really plain tomato sauce. As soon as I try to mix something extra in he'll refuse to eat it! Love the last photo, perfect capture and smile and wave!

  3. says

    What a lovely group of photos this week, your little boy really is growing up. Looks like a fun filled week compared to our poorly duvet week. Can't pick but the tongue concentration made me smile & the last one is gorgeous x

  4. says

    I love the hand picture, so cute. I do have 'elf envy though, I think I might be getting one for next year, maybe time to introduce them to Cyprus. I don't think I know anyone in 'real life' who has one but every where I look online now they are appearing!

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