A Bicycle Made For Two

In the Spring of last year, my husband started a new job seven minutes walk from our house. Having spent the previous seven years commuting to work with anything from a fifteen minute to an hour long drive, this was a massive novelty for him. Therefore, when after three months he realised that he'd used his car three times, he decided to sell his car as it was no longer needed.

A month later his boss moved the office to Cardiff Bay.

And Mr. TBaM was left without any way of getting to the new office!

However, as he has The Best Boss In The Entire World™, this wasn't a problem because his boss just bought him a (rather expensive actually) new bike to use. When he was placing the order he also purchased a tag-along bike seat for The Boy. At the time The Boy was too young to use it as he'd only just started cycling on his own bike with stabilisers, but recently TBBITEW™ threatened to sell it due to lack of use, so we decided The Boy was old enough!

The best place in the area to try out something like this is the barrage in Cardiff Bay; no cars are allowed on it (except authorised vehicles) and it has a long, fairly straight and flat road which sees very little pedestrian or cycling traffic. We took Mr. TBaM's bike down as well as the tag-along, in the boot of my car, not telling The Boy what the plan was. At first, he was concerned as he thought it was a new bicycle for him without a front wheel, but he was overjoyed when he saw what it was!

TheBoyandMe: A Bicycle Made For Two

They cycled back and forth across the barrage about eight times in the half an hour we were there and every time The Boy passed me, he had the biggest grin and sense of achievement on his face. There were several times when Mr. TBaM actually stopped cycling and The Boy continued peddling, he was so strong that he was pushing them both along. We'll need to adjust his seat a little as it was slightly too high, but he managed brilliantly, and we're also hoping that it will teach him a little bit more about balance so we can build up to removing his stabilisers!

I'm going to be ticking this one off for the National Trust's 50 Things: Go on a long bike ride (it was very long for him!)

country kids

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    We have one of these and Clio still prefers to use it for a long cycle rather than pedal herself! Actually it is quite handy as the triplets can alternate and cycle or follow depending on who is tired. Great to see the Boy making use of yours and what an amazing boss Mr TBAM has!

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    We toyed with the idea of getting a tag along but thankfully didn't need to in the end. They are fantastic and you will all have a load of fun being able to get out and about x

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    what a great boss indeed!!! we had a simialr device where you can attach a regualr bike to the back of an adult bike with a two bar type thing which we have done with Burton when we have been out on a long bike ride (which has not been for a looong time actually oooops!)
    I love the smile on the boys face – he looks so happy doesnt he? awww its lovely x

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    I'm really not one for bikes, but this could sway me! Your son's face looks like he's having such fun, plus I know my boys would love the novelty of cycling with Daddy. Thanks for sharing at the Outdoor Play Party.

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