Days 313 – 320 of Project 365

314-320 of 365

314. Perfect (This was the morning after the night before, as we explored Highcliffe beach in the most glorious autumn sunshine.)

315. Exhaustion (When I went to pick The Boy up today from school, I found him holding the teacher's hand and looking very pale. He'd been unhappy most of the afternoon, had a slight temperature and complained of a headache. As soon as he saw me, he started sobbing and I had to carry him home with a very soggy neck. A temperature of 38.4°C saw a dose of the magic pink stuff and cuddles on the sofa. Here he's quietly playing with a new toy called Plus Plus.)

316. Botanist (We were in the garden examining the leaves while The Boy tried out his new Pink Lining satchel.)

317. Scooter (A quick scoot after school on a local pedastrianised street.)

318. Angry Birds (A birthday party for someone who seems to be his school best friend in a fab play centre to the north of Cardiff. These Angry Birds cakes were the ones given out in the party bags, aren't they awesome?)

319. Puntsey (Dressed up for school for Children in Need day, he can't say Pudsey and it's so cute that I don't correct him.)

320. Wiggins Junior (Last year, Mr. TBaM was bought a bicycle by his boss who also bought a tag-along bike which attaches from the back. It's sat in his boss' garage until now as we didn't think The Boy was ready for it, that was until his boss threatened to sell it! We took The Boy down to the barrage earlier and he tried it out for the first time; he was so excited it was amazing to see. I'm hoping that it will help him learn a little more about balance on a bike as at the moment he still had the stabilisers on his normal bike.)

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  1. says

    The last picture is perfect, you should bottle that up he looks so happy. It really has been the perfect winter weather this week and it appears you've made the most of it

  2. says

    he does look very happy on the back of the bike 🙂 bless him
    and he looks adorable wearing Puntsey's ears and those satchels are just gorgeous arent they?
    asides from him being a little under the weather, it sounds and looks like a great week for getting out and about x

  3. says

    Those cakes are cool!

    We have been thinking of getting one of those tag-along things but I'm too afraid I will make us all fall over. I'm too much of a nervous rider 🙁

  4. says

    he seems very very happy to be on the tag along, maybe I should get one for Bob.
    Sad about him feeling ill, but that is about the norm for this stage of schooling, catching everything that is going around.
    Love his Puntsay ears

  5. says

    Great bike shot – H loves using one of those. The trouble is that sometimes he stops pedalling (usually on a hill) and then you really know you are pulling someone along.

  6. says

    I really want one of those bikes as want to get out and about again and think Isaac could manage it. Need a trailer for the other two though.
    Love the beach picture too and The Boy in the ears is adorable!

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