A Perfect Sunday Morning

Last weekend, we ventured down to the south coast of England for my sister-in-law's wedding in Highcliffe Castle. In the morning, prior to the ceremony, we decided to check out the venue and discovered that beyond the raindrops pooling into miniature lakes in the car park, was a small woodland which offered some steep steps down onto a beach. Hoping for dry weather the next day so we could further explore, we went off and did 'the wedding thing' like dutiful family.

The next morning was one of the most beautiful days of this Autumn so far; brilliant azure skies with wispy clouds, sunlight glistening on a turquoise sea, and diamonds sparkling in the golden sunlight. We raced down to the castle's car park, debated wellies and donned them in case of squelchy mud, and then headed through the woodland where we found the best climbing tree we've seen in a while.Highcliffe beach 1

Locating the steps down to the beach, we trotted down them and discovered an astounding view across the English Channel from the Needles to Hengistbury Head. This is when we discovered that the wellies had been a good decision.

Highcliffe beach 2

As we walked along the water's edge towards the beach huts of Friar's Cliff, dogs raced around us picking up pebbles and balls thrown by their owners, excited to be allowed on the beaches again. The Boy hunkered down and decided to build a sandcastle, digging down with his bare hands to his uncle in Australia. He didn't get very far, mittens aren't the best tools for sandcastle making it seems.

Highcliffe Beach 4

At Friar's Cliff, the beachward drift has been haltered with groynes which are perfect for little boys to practise their balancing arms!

Highcliffe Beach 3

It was a magical hour or two, really refreshing after the excesses of the day before. We've been so intent on finding trees for climbing and collecting conkers from, that we've forgotten how magical the beach is at this time of year; the tourists have gone, leaving the locals to enjoy what's on their doorstep.

Highcliffe beach 5

Linking to Country Kids.

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  1. says

    it was a wonderful day last Sunday I have a post waiting to be written up about it too!
    I love the shots of the boy in the sea with those red wellies on – sounds like a wonderful place to have found x

  2. says

    You had lots of fun. I remember we took our eldest when he was three to Northumberland to visit relatives this time of year and he had a fantastic time on the beach too. Lovely photos too.

  3. says

    There is something magical about the sea and beach at this time of year x It is where I now feel closest to Tilda but I always feel at peace near the sea. We are lucky that our local beach is always quiet and the perfect place to feel free x Wonderful photos as always x

  4. says

    What a lovely find, I can see the boy had lots of fun and some great splashing in the sea. With the bonus of tree climbing and exploring the woods what more could a child want. Thanks for linking up and sharing your family fun with Country Kids.

  5. says

    What a beautiful day! You've really captured it with these shots… And that tree is awesome! Can't remember the last time I saw a climbable tree – and Mushroom never has! Need to go on the hunt for one in the city I think…


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