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Over the past 23 months of the Project 365 linky, there have been well over 150 who have taken part; some of them manage the whole year and others thank me for reigniting their passion in blogging, but turn down completing the project. Out of those 150 bloggers, only one has been a man.

I give you the man with the ultimate staying power, Darren from OneDad3Girls.


I really enjoy seeing the lives of the Project 365 participants unfold before me throughout the year, but it is refreshing to see family life from the perspective of a dad. Darren photographs his two daughters and their antics with much love and devotion, and his project is occasionally interspersed with gadgets, gizmos and geekery (got to allow him a few stereotypical photographs!).

These are my favourite photos of Darren's.


I am yet to be able to take a good dew-drop spider's web, we clearly don't have the right kind of rain or spiders here in Wales. However, it does mean that I am infinitely jealous of anyone who manages to get such a shot. This one is cracking! Whenever we go to London, we always have to take a trip on the London Eye and as I stand at its base waiting in the queue, I am always in awe of the feat of engineering.


This is another photo that I've always wanted to be able to take; the full moon. Having seen Darren's fantastic photograph, I was very inspired to have a go myself; I'd recommend a tripod! And this photograph of one of the three girls in the blog title, shows off her personality brilliantly.

These are Darren's favourite five from her two years of Project 365 so far.


01/07/13 – Taken for Fat Mum Slim'sĀ  'Photo A Day' prompt: Heart.

Mia & Ludo

08/04/13 – Meeting Ludo in the Shoreline Hotel at Butlin's.


21/02/13 – A day trip to Newquay during our holiday to Coombe Mill.


08/10/12 – The Shard on a trip to London.


15/09/12 –Ā  Little Mia getting ready to pounce!

  • When did you start doing the 365 photo project, and why?

I started my 365 journey around March time 2012 and every since I've been hooked and not missed a week even if at times I have struggled. The reason for starting the 365 project was I've always enjoyed taking photos and this was the idea way to link the photos to what our family was up to.

  • Why did you decide to continue the project for a second year?

The reason I continued the 365 project was because I wanted to see if I could complete a full year. I joined midway through a year and wasn't sure I'd have the staying power. Plus the project is an excellent way of storing the memories and looking back over the year to see how our family has grown.

  • What's the best bit about doing a 365 photo project?

Without doubt one of the greatest things about the 365 is the community and friendly bloggers that take part, if ever you feel down or struggling to complete a week you've always got someone to help you and perk you up.

  • Are there times when you've wanted to give up, why? What kept you going?

Without doubt, and I think a lot of people go through that stage. It has got to the point in a long day at work and everyone is in bed and then suddenly you'll remember you haven't taken a photo. The great part about the project is the community side of things, people often just see the posts but pretty much everyone in the project knows each other and we all help spur people on.

  • What tips would you give to anyone who wants to start a 365 project?

If anyone is thinking about joining it it's a must, honestly it's never too late to start and most of all enjoy taking the photos and don't make it a chore.

Please pop back next Thursday when I introduce you to the world down under according to Susan Snaps.

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  1. says

    its funny that i never think to myself that Darren is the only male blogger who takes part in the 365, i think he is so at home with all us females and is such a wonderful family man that I never give it a thought!!
    i love seeing his photos taken from a dad's point of view and his love for his girls aways comes through in the pictures he takes of Mia and Aly. I also think he take some wonderful shots of stilll life objects too – the ones that stick out for me is that London Eye one and the recent ones possibly of fireworks in London too (??? oh my rubbish memory!) and that Shard shot is fab.
    keep up the good work x x

  2. says

    I love the heart around the girls so cute. I look forward to Darren's pictures each week. His girls are gorgeous and love the mix of photos he takes too x

  3. says

    Yes it is nice to see a different perspective on life, men do view things different than us woman, but again I dont really think that way either, Darren is just (sorry Darren) one of the girls.
    The spiders web is amazing, and his daughters are growing into very beautiful young ladies, and their very different personalities come across in the pictures.

  4. says

    I always look forward to seeing his photos although he takes far too many mouthwatering foodie ones that always make me hungry! His latest one of the moon put mine to shame!

  5. says

    What an dedication to keep it going, its a great thing to do, the pictures I have seen over this year have been very interesting while I sip my tea and potter about the blogs. I love the pics of the girls, family life through a year is so good to see.

  6. says

    Do you know I hadn't realised Darren was the only man! (there have been a few others along the way haven't there??) I love his moon photos – utterly jealous of them. I also like seeing some of his local photos and stories as he lives somewhere near where I was brought up so often a few memories. Loving the London eye and the Shard pic too.

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